Book of Sam

There is nothing funky about this slot game called Book of Sam. It’s a widely used slot game with many superb bonuses and rewards waiting for you to win. You don’t have to study hard to spin this game. The win will come to you right when you begin your spins. 

About Book of Sam

Book of Sam is a mixed-type slot game with a troll-based theme and an Egyptian-style tinge. If you begin your spins now, you won’t ever search for any other slot game. It’s that much fun and addicting. So, hold your breaks and start the spin of Book of Sam right now! It has a lot of animations and graphics waiting for you, and the win will only make you come twice. 

Symbols and Icons of Book of Sam

Now, let’s go to the symbol section of the Book of Sam. It has included a lot of super bonuses and secret wins just for you. You don’t have to spin much to get these wins. The win will come automatically to you if you give the proper roll. So, this begins with A to 10 playing card icons. The high-paying icons will be the Egyptian cat symbol, Maggie, Sandra and Sam symbols. That’s it. There will be some wilds too. Get that too! 

Features and Bonuses of Book of Sam

There will be three main bonus features here at Book of Sam. The first will be the free spins, the second will be the electric treats, and the final will be X-iter. So, using the icons mentioned above, you can easily win the whole game of Book of Sam within minutes of your spins. That’s all. 


Are you ready to roll and tumble the game of Book of Sam? It includes many super bonuses and features dipped in Egyptian golden hues. Just mark your entry and start spinning it right away! That’s all you have to do here. 

Game Title : Book of Sam

Author Name : John Bolger

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Book of Sam