Book of Ba’al

Book of Ba’al is a slot where every bit of the game is Egyptian in look and taste. There is nothing problematic to spot out here and the game is super fun to spin. If you know how to spin a slot game, then there wouldn’t be any issue at all. So, spin the Book of Ba’al and get all the Egyptian tones and wonders right from here. 

About the Gameplay of Book of Ba’al

Book of Ba’al is an online slot where you won’t feel the hit or difficulty of the spins. With this Egyptian slot game, winning will be the only thing you count. With the right set of moves, you can control the entire pyramid of Egypt. The animations and spinning effects are all new and there will be zero glitches during these levels. Just come inside the Egyptian slot and get a hold of all the levels and adventures of Book of Ba’al.

Symbols and More of Book of Ba’al

The symbols of Book of Ba’al are totally worth spinning 24×7. Just make the combinations using these symbols and voila, you yourself will get the best reward roll out of the slot. So, let’s greet them. So, the main symbols here are lows and highs. The lows are the playing card icons which will be labeled from A to 10. Then comes the high valued ankhs, eyes and the scarabs. There will also be an Indiana Jones scatter/wild for the bonuses. In short, there will be no confusion in winning the game of Book of Ba’al with these symbols. 

Features and Bonuses

Free Spins are the main bonuses here. Just land the wilds over the reels and this feature will kick in. A total of 10 free spins with an extra 200x rewards can be availed from this game. Then there are some low profile features here too. These can be availed through default spins. So, get a hold of these during your spins. 


Book of Ba’al is a superb slot made with some of the best reward systems in the entire slot town. Make a note of all these and begin spinning the game.

Game Title : Book of Ba’al

Author Name : John Bolger

5/5 - (6 votes)
Book of Ba’al