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Blackjack Suit Em Up

Blackjack Suit em Up is a variant of the American Blackjack and uses the same rules in the main game as the other versions. However, every version comes with its own side bet that adds that distinct flavour to it. Blackjack Suit em Up is one such version. Players are offered a straightforward and simple way to win money. All you have to do is match the suit of your 2 initial cards and you’ll walk away with cash prizes.

How to Play Blackjack Suit em Up?

In this version of Blackjack Suit em Up, you will play with 6 standard decks of playing cards dealt from a shoe. Every round commences with you placing your bet. In casino games like Blackjack, there is an option to play a maximum of 3 hands at a go. Each will have its own bet. You also have an option of playing the side bet that will be discussed later in the review.

As the game starts, you will be dealt with 2 cards per hand. For the players, the 2 cards will face up, while the dealer will have one down and the other up. The one that faces down is known as the hole card. Your main objective is to form a hand that beats the dealers. In this version, the best score available is 21. The score is compared to how close it is to 21 without exceeding the same.

Each card contributes points to your score. Also, the numbered cards have values equal to their face value while face cards have a value of 10. Aces could count as 11 or 1 depending on what is—-for your hand.

The Side Bet

You can place side bets and they are independent and are paid as soon as you get 2 cards that are of the same suit. Your wins are calculated as follows:

  • 2 suited cards – 2-1
  • Suited 11 – 3-1
  • The suited pair – 5-1
  • Suited blackjack – 10-1
  • Suited Aces – 50-1

If this wager doesn’t draw, the dealer will get rid of it after the deal. Also, the RTP here is 95.35%.

To Sum Up

It is important to note that there isn’t any particular strategy that will guarantee you wins. The play is simple. If your first 2 cards are of the same suit, you win. You lose otherwise. Also, the house has an edge of only 0.37% which means that Blackjack Suit em Up is a quite pocket-friendly casino game.

Overall, Blackjack Suit em Up is a fantastic casino table game to play at UK online casino.


Blackjack Suit Em Up
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Game Title : Blackjack Suit Em Up

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Posted Date : 23/03/2017

Blackjack Suit Em Up