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Blackjack Professional Low

Some players don’t opt in playing a high stake casino game. Hence for them, Blackjack Professional Low online casino game is a great option. This game is a new variant of the traditional Blackjack game. Even if this is a low stake game, however, the payout is no way less. This version of Blackjack game gives a hefty amount of payouts for players. For example, if you get 2 pairs of Jacks of spade then you get 50:1 as the payout for each.

Bringing the right design in Blackjack Professional Low

It is always vital to bring out the best design and graphics, no matter if it is a Blackjack Professional Low or some other game. When you have the outlook to be astonishing, players will have a good feel in playing the game. At, this blackjack game stacks the casino table screen with professionally designed icons and graphics from the NetEnt team. This game is played against the dealer as a single hand or up to 3 players at a time.

The deal begins in Blackjack Professional Low

Dealing with the game, Blackjack Professional Low is quite simple and easy to understand. The rules and gameplay are the same as the traditional Blackjack game. The dealer must stand at 17 or he busts and the winning amount is given to you. As usual, you have the insurance, split, and double up but the main aim is to win big and that is possible with only double Blackjacks.

The cards are dealt with to the player(s) and also to the dealer upon placing the bets and optional side bets. A player will have 2 cards and 3 cards hand and so as the dealer. So the comparison begins and if the player stays without busting out, he is rewarded with a good payout. What if the player has 21 on both hands? That is a double Blackjack for you! While the winning hand in Blackjack pays out 3:2 and in insurance as 2:1, the double Blackjack pay a player around 50:1. This payout of 50:1 is for double pairs of Jacks of spades. If you have one from Jacks of spades and the other from some other suit like Jack of hearts then it is in the ratio of 25:1.

To Sum Up

Rolling the stakes with £0.10 as minimum and maximum of £40 per hand, Blackjack Professional Low is definitely a game for both low and high stake rollers.


Blackjack Professional Low
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Game Title : Blackjack Professional Low

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Posted Date : 24/08/2017

Blackjack Professional Low