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Blackjack Lucky Lucky

Are you feeling lucky today? Well if you are you can try your luck in Blackjack Lucky Lucky casino game. This online casino blackjack game is a product of NYX Gaming and while “luck” is a major theme in this game, players are still required to exhibit good game strategy skills. Read on to learn more about this blackjack game.

Playing Blackjack Lucky Lucky

There are a lot of similarities between regular blackjack games and the Blackjack Lucky Lucky. While the regular side bets are available, there is a side bet known as “Lucky Lucky” that is unique to this blackjack version. Here you will earn a great reward when you are lucky enough to land three matching “7s” like a typical 3 reel casino slot. In this blackjack version, you have 6 decks of cards from which players are dealt a couple of cards.

Where a player’s hand is higher than that of the dealer by being the closest to “21” (but not above), the player will emerge the winner. In this blackjack, game players can play as many as three hands at the same time. Players can place bets on three completely different betting areas at the start of each gaming session as well.

Simple Gameplay

Blackjack Lucky Lucky follows the tradition of typical blackjack games. Players are dealt a couple of upward facing playing cards. On the other hand, the dealer has a hand comprising of two cards, one that us upward facing and the other that is downward facing also known as “hole card”.

The cards with numbers are treated at face value, face playing cards have a worth of “10” and Aces are valued as “11”. If you have a hand consisting of an Ace which is worth “11” points and a face card worth “10” points, you have a “blackjack” which is the best hand possible.

Side Bet

On every single hand, players can place a side bet known as “Lucky Lucky”. There is no real skill needed with this side bet. The outcome of each of the bet is dependent on the combination of the two playing cards dealt with the player by the dealer and the dealer’s upward facing card.

A variety of combination will result in varying rewards. In Blackjack Lucky Lucky if the combination of cards results in a value of “19” or “20” you will receive a payout of 2 to 1 and with a combined value of “21”, you will earn a 3 to 1 payout. Players can earn an amazing 200 to 1 payout where three “7s” are combined (with all cards suited).

To Sum Up

Blackjack Lucky Lucky is an exciting online casino blackjack version from the stables of NYX Gaming. Players are treated to are the assortment of side betting options and the “Lucky Lucky” side bet is especially an exciting one with a payout of 200 to 1 available for three “7s”.


Blackjack Lucky Lucky
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Game Title : Blackjack Lucky Lucky

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Blackjack Lucky Lucky