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Blackjack Lucky Ladies

Lucky Ladies Blackjack is developed by NYX Gaming and this is a blackjack game that is played with 6 standard playing card (i.e. 52 card deck) decks. This is a hybrid blackjack which does not necessarily adhere to the European and American blackjack gaming rules. You can learn how to play this online blackjack in this game’s review.

How To Play Lucky Ladies Blackjack?

Players of Lucky Ladies Blackjack are expected to place their bets at the start. Bets can be made to as many as 3 hands which is what players would be granted to play. Note that each of the hands is seen as completely independent. Players can also make side bets on each one of the 3 independent hands they play. After bets have been placed, players can commence their selected hand. A hand is dealt with 2 upward facing cards by the dealer while the dealer gets a single upward facing card with the other facing downward.

As with other blackjack games you will be expected to have a pair of cards with combined values amounting to 21 or better than that of the dealer. Face Cards (Kings, Jacks and Queens) have a value equivalent to 10. Aces, on the other hand, has two values amounting to either 1 or 11. You get to decide which oBlackjack Winsf the two values would be advantageous for you.

Blackjack Wins

In Lucky Ladies Blackjack like other blackjack games having a hand with an Ace and Face card (i.e. 11 plus 10) will earn you a straight 21. This is known as a “Blackjack” hand. With a Blackjack hand, you will always emerge the winner of this game.

The only exception is if the dealer has a blackjack hand as well if this happens the player’s hand will then push. Blackjacks have a payout of 3 to 2 where the player starts with a blackjack hand and the dealer does not.

Side Bets

Players can make side bets in Lucky Ladies Blackjack. A side bet can only be placed one time for each hand that is played by a player. The cards you dealt with will more often than not be the determining factor for this bet.

The Queen Face card is presumed to be a high paying card to possess in a side bet. If you have a pair of identical cards (for example a pair of Queen of Hearts) you are guaranteed a huge payout of 100 to 1.

To Sum Up

Lucky Ladies Blackjack is quite an interesting Blackjack variant to play. With a pair of Queens of Hearts on a side bet, players can walk away with a 100 to 1 payout. Definitely something to look forward to.

Blackjack Lucky Ladies
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Game Title : Blackjack Lucky Ladies

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Posted Date : 10/02/2017

Blackjack Lucky Ladies