Blackjack Fortune VIP

Blackjack Fortune VIP is a multiplayer game. It has got a lot of fun and entertaining features which include bonus bets, side bets and the option for players to bet on their hand or on another player’s hand. This makes this game flexible and increases the winning potential, which is one quality that draws the interest of many players. In addition to all of this, this casino game can be played on Android, iOS mobile phones, tablets and also desktop computers. Learn more about this casino game as you read on.

How Blackjack Fortune VIP is Played

The Blackjack Fortune VIP casino is played on a seven-seater table. Now after you have taken a seat at the table, a live deal with ultra-realistic features takes you to the core game. For every hand you play, you are betting against the house. However, you can choose the option of allowing an unlimited number of players to join in the game. They will be allowed to bet behind as they won’t be dealt with their own cards. This means that they will be making a bet on your hand.

Betting Behind

The betting behind the feature is open for players who do not have one of the seven seats. However, it is also meant for players who have a place on one of the seven seats available. Betting behind gives you a chance to observe the players who are winning more and decide which player you want to vote for. This is because betting on a winning hand makes you a winner also, even without taking part in the core game.

Blackjack Fortune VIP casino Side Bets

There are two side bets available for players to select from in the Blackjack Fortune VIP casino game. These are:

  • Perfect Pairs: Perfect Pairs offer payouts on hands which have been dealt in pairs of any combination. It rewards hands that have coloured, mixed, coloured or perfect pair with extra wins. This also depends on the complexity of your pair.
  • 21+3 Bet: This type of side bet allows players to get a hand from the cards which have already been dealt and a third identical card dealt by the dealer. The payout here will also depend on the value of your hand as hands with higher scores will receive higher payouts.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Fortune VIP is an enticing, entertaining casino game that offers players many ways to win and compared to most casino games online; this is possible when you do not have a seat at the Blackjack table. With features like the Perfect Bet and 21+3 bet, players are also guaranteed good payouts.


Game Title : Blackjack Fortune VIP

Author Name : John Bolger

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Blackjack Fortune VIP