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Blackjack Classic Low

Blackjack is also known as 21 or Pontoon and is one of the oldest, classy and riveting casino games in existence. This game has been featured in multiple James Bond movies, has attracted the attention of multiple MIT- affiliated maths geniuses and is one of the biggest draws in any casino worth the name.

There are quite a few versions of this game in existence, and most of these are playable in an online casino. One interesting online Blackjack version that’s worth a look is the Blackjack Classic Low Limit released by NetEnt. As the name implies, this game has low limits that are optimized for both newbies and low rollers who want all the fun and action of Blackjack without having to stake the equivalent of a king’s inheritance.

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Bet Low Win Large In The Blackjack Classic Low Limit!

The Blackjack Classic Low Limit is set on a classic Blackjack table. The view is lavish, the rules are conveniently provided onscreen, with the bet boxes being clearly marked out for optimum accessibility. As this is a low limit optimized Blackjack, bet levels range from ₤0.10 tom ₤5, with this being totally appropriate for bettors who are still finding their feet. Or who for some reason do not feel like shelling out ludicrous sums in the name of making bets in casino games.


Gameplay is begun once the dealer deals out 2 cards apiece both to himself and the player. Once the cards have been dealt, if the player finds himself/herself holding a Blackjack hand (an ace plus a 10, J, Q or K) then the hand is won and the dealer loses.

If neither has Blackjack, they can decide to twist or stick in order to get a hand that approaches 21 in value as much as possible without however getting a bust. In the Blackjack Classic Low Limit, the dealer is bound by certain rules. Thus, the dealer must stick when presented with a “hard” 17 -one without an ace- and twist when presented with a “soft” 17 ie, a 17 that has an ace, with this being counted as either 10 or 1.

Insurance – Insurance is normally used to hedge bets when the dealer has a face-up card that is an ace. With the ace in hand, the probability is good that the dealer can accomplish a Blackjack hand. The Insurance bet, therefore, lets players take advantage of this development and pays put 2:1.

To Sum Up

The Blackjack Classic Low Limit is a high-quality offering from NetEnt that makes one of the oldest table games in existence easily available to low rollers who might otherwise be excluded from it. The RTP here approaches 100%, the gameplay simplicity is commendable and the visuals are quite good. Overall, this game of online Blackjack is considerately designed and bound to deliver loads of great fun!


Blackjack Classic Low
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Game Title : Blackjack Classic Low

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Posted Date : 20/12/2017

Blackjack Classic Low