Banana Split

With this slot game, winning can be doubled without striking any error codes. That’s why Banana Split still spins like a pro. With this slot, the players will also get some extra features and bonuses as a top up to the basic game. So, get all pumped up with Banana Split and get ready to spin this wonder made with icecreams and sugar popsicles. 

An Intro on Banana Split

This is not like those cliche food themed slots. Here, everything has a finesse to it. The spinning, rolling and even the graphics of falling has maintained the same. So, if you are into gaming with a twist, then Banana Split is the right game for you. Here, the winning is enough to make you stick around the slot made up of cupcakes. The animations are pure and there won’t be a single glitch anywhere. Just make the combination and the winning will come right into your hands. So, start spinning and get what you need. 

Symbols, Icons and Extras of Banana Split

Some slots are made for fun and some are made just for features. Banana Split is a slot made for both these items. With some calculations, you gamers can easily win the game of Banana Split and get all the free spins and multipliers. What consists here is some cherries, brownies, pancakes, chocolate and vanilla ice creams and the cupcake scatters. The rest are just enhancers for your wins. With all these symbols, you can easily win the game of Banana Split in a matter of seconds. That’s what the developers say. So, get ready and experience culinary fun at Banana Split. 

Features and More

Free Spins and Wilds are the main active rewards here at Banana Split. With this, winning will come in dual format. One, you will get a max reward of twenty five free spins or 1600x rewards in total. Anyhow, it’s a win-win for you. 


Banana Split is all ready for the roll. With each spin, you will increase your confidence in spinning as well as in winning. So, there is no time to think and spin. Just make the spins and collect all the free spins as cup cakes. That’s how you roll Banana Split.

Game Title : Banana Split

Author Name : John Bolger

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Banana Split