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Aztec Gems

Aztec Gems is purely related to the distinctive customs, architecture and tradition of the Aztecs of the South and Central America that makes it one of the most interesting of all. The online slot game that is based on the ancient civilization has always mesmerized and have gathered the interest of players. The Aztecs of America has been commanding until the 16th century, they were known to build some of the biggest cities on the earth that had sacrificial altars and huge pyramids.

An Aztec Gem is known for its stunning design. Aztec Gems has a splendorous background that comprises of the forest of the region along with the waterfalls. The three reels that are gold in colour are filled with 7 shining coloured gemstones. Along with these, there is another bonus reel that spins and achieves multipliers.

Aztec Gems has got big wins for you!

The prizes will depend on the stakes you make. The yellow triangle gives you 0.4x of the total stake while if a blue pentagon is across them, you will win 1x of the stake you put in. The value of the winning prize varies with a green circle, blue diamond, purple octagon, or a red square jewel on the reels.

The top wins are 4x and 5x. 4x is achieved when you get a red diamond on the reels whereas up to 5x is achieved when you have a wild symbol across all the three reels.

Aztec Gems slot just not end on three reels, the real game changer is the fourth reel that multiplies your winnings. This game-changing reel seems different from the other three reels. It has a stone-effect and is without any symbol on it. This reel displays only multipliers like 1x,2x, 3x 4x and so on.

Betting on your way

There are 5 paylines in the game. Three of the paylines runs horizontally across the rows while the other two run diagonally. In order to commence playing with real cash, you need to make a minimum bet of 0.05p. This may not allow you getting a huge reward. For huge rewards, you will have to bet high. You can also opt for the autoplay feature that helps you to spin up to 100 times automatically with a set level of the bet.

Summing Up

Aztec Gems is really an engaging and interesting game that will reward you with virtual gems and multiple wins through them. Though the game does not have any bonus feature, the shiny visuals with complementing soundtrack add to the appeal. But overall, you will not find a dull moment in Aztec Gems.

Aztec Gems
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Game Title : Aztec Gems

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 14/01/2019

Aztec Gems