Animal Madness

Animal Madness is a slot which you shouldn’t miss spinning at any cost. Spin the game and you will get to know all the levels it has and all the adventures it has. The game is made with farming cultures and cute crops. It’s a game where there will be no boredom whatsoever. So, come and enjoy this game starting from now and collect all its spins. 

About the Slot Game of Animal Madness

Animal Madness is a cute fun slot game and here you don’t have to spin much to get to the winning part. All you have to do here is to spin and make combinations with the farming animal symbols and crop icons. The rest will be done automatically by the game and the barm and by the farmer. The animations and graphics are all cool and there is nothing problematic here anywhere. So, come and win the game by making some simple spins and rolls. That’s the way to win the game of Animal Madness. 

Symbols and Icons of the Slot

There are a lot of symbols here at the game of Animal Madness. You can win these values just by making some combinations with these icons, so learn these icons and spin accordingly. So, these symbols will be of lows and highs. The lows will be veggies and crops such as wheat, corn, tomatoes and pumpkins icons, of course with cute looks. Then comes farm animals such as chickens, goats, sheep and cows. Using these symbols, you can make easy rewards and easy bonuses with just a couple of spins. Do this as soon as possible. 

Features and Bonuses of the Game

Cascades and rabbit destruction features are the main two bonuses here at Animal Madness. With these bonuses, you can win mostly everything in Animal Madness. When the former erases all the low symbols and makes it new and worthy, the latter will give you random rewards according to your spins. 

Closing Words

Everything is ready here at the game of Animal Madness. Now, it’s your turn to win and spin and to score properly here at the slot play of Animal Madness. So, come on in and spin the game! 

Game Title : Animal Madness

Author Name : John Bolger

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Animal Madness