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Aldo’s Journey

About Aldo’s Journey 

Aldo’s Journey is a themed slot game and is based on Aldo who loves travelling and adventure in search of riches in various exotic locations. The surprising aspect of this game is that Aldo doesn’t just visit one place but keeps travelling between four different locations. And when he does that, we as players are provided with different rewards unique to the location. This makes the slot game a lot more exciting and engaging. Aldo’s Journey is currently available as online slots as well as in the mobile version for the convenience of the players. 

The basic features of the game 

The four regions that are included in Aldo’s Journey are China, Mongolia, Persia and Italy. The board is divided into four-part each representing one region, and Aldo is available on one block; he keeps moving blocks with each spin, and this is how he is able to visit all the different regions. Aldo’s location determines what free spins mode the players get and if he lands on the Central Block which is not a part of any region players are provided with free spins. 

The game comes with a total of 8 symbols, 4 of which are precious stones and are the high- value symbols. The remaining 4 are in the form of card suit symbols and represent the low paying ones. 

The game comes with a wilds symbol represented by a stylized W, a journey wilds which is Aldo and a free spins symbol represented by a compass; 3 free spins symbols activate 7 free spins.

The various free spin modes available 

  1. Italy free spin mode

Italy free spins mode in Aldo’s Journey is very simple; in this mode, players win multipliers. The multipliers start at 2 times the stake and keep increasing with each spin. 

  1. Mongolia free spin mode

With Mongolia free spin mode, at the end of every spin one normal symbol is removed until there are only two normal symbols available on the board. This results in a reward of +1 multiplier.

  1. Persia free spin mode

Every spin in this mode results in a sticky wild that can result in a big win. 

  1. China free spin mode

Here Aldo creates a line of 1 to 5 wilds in any of the 8 available directions.


Aldo’s Journey and his adventure to find hidden treasures will spike the interest of real-life adventurers. With interesting scatters, spins and multipliers, the game is sure to keep the players hooked. 

Aldo’s Journey
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Game Title : Aldo’s Journey

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 22/11/2019

Aldo’s Journey