AbraCatDabra is a cartoon themed cat & mice game where they are making magic. These two are the main characters of the slot game and they are represented as magicians. If you can please them, then there won’t be any complications whatsoever. Just maintain a perfect balance of symbolic combination and the game will be at your service. So, start spinning AbraCatDabra and get all the wonders one by one right here. 

About the Slot Game of AbraCatDabra

There will be some slot games with magical touches. But there will be no game as AbraCatDabra. Everything here in this game is retouched by a cat and mouse and they are the main magicians. They can do you good if you spin the game generously. The layouts, background, symbols, animations and everything here is perfect. The tinge of golden colors really uplifts the entire game. The music and graphics do also sync perfectly with the slot. So, start spinning the slot of AbraCatDabra and make a lot of goodies and bonuses, just as you wanted. 

Symbols and Icons of the Slot

There are two sets of main symbols here at AbraCatDabra. These are divided into lows and highs. The lows can make minimal rewards and the highs are more bonus oriented rewards. So, with these, the gamers can take a high road on AbraCatDabra’s bonus features. These will be some club symbols in addition with spades, hearts and diamonds and some rings, crystal balls, a magician rat with a robe and a wand, and a magician cat. The final two are the main icons which will reward you the most. So, with these, the players can get a lot from the tumbles. 

Features and Bonuses

AbraCatDabra is all about spinning it right and spinning it high. There are more than four or five different sets of respins here in AbraCatDabra. Activating these is somewhat easy and even a baby can do it. The rest are wild. You know how to win wilds right? So, do it! 


Everything about AbraCatDabra is cat and mouse friendly. Join them in this magical slot game and get as many rewards and bonuses as possible. It’s a friendly slot game with a friendly layout and tone.

Game Title : AbraCatDabra

Author Name : John Bolger

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