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99 Time

The best aspect of online slots is the themes they are based on. Developers are competing with one another to create slot games that are more interesting and engaging than the previous. Consequently, we have slot games today that are based on something as simple as a fairy tale or a cartoon to something based on movies and music bands. Eyecon has recently come up with 99 Time slots which are actually all about ice cream and ice cream trucks; check it out at The Online Casino.

About 99 Time slots 

Basically, Eyecon tried to provide the iconic game of slots in the simplest and the most uncomplicated manner possible. Visually the board is stunning; the colourful symbols, the imagery of mouth-watering ice creams everywhere and set up against the sunny golden beach, everything feels so seamless. EveAbout the basic aspects of the game n the cartoonish design helps us enjoy the game a bit more. Overall the whole visual effect of the 99 Time slots is harmonious without a single note! 

About the basic aspects of the game 

If we have to talk about the basic aspects of the game we have to start with the playing board. Setup against a beach with a Ferris wheel far away but in sight, players are provided with a standard 5×3 board with 25 paylines. The players have the option of choosing the number of paylines while selecting the initial bet amount. 

The symbols are the highlight of the 99 Time slots game; basically, every one of them is ice cream but of different varieties. So when playing the game you will see reels rotate and each block with have a different type of colourful ice cream. 

About the special features 

The special features of this slot game are what makes them fun to play. 99 Time slots come with two special symbols; the scatters and the wilds. The scatters is represented by the ice cream man; when three scatters land on a payline players are rewarded. Players can choose from a set of rewards. The wilds are represented by the ice cream truck; the wilds not only substitute the symbols on the board to make winning combinations, but it also provides 25 free spins!


The simple, yet appealing features of 99 Time slot game, the fantastic features and free spins attract the players to keep going. All in all, the game has a happy vibe to it.  

99 Time
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Game Title : 99 Time

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 11/11/2019

99 Time