Does Volatility in Slots Impact the Way You Should Play Them? Does Volatility in Slots Impact the Way You Should Play Them?

Does Volatility in Slots Impact the Way You Should Play Them?

Volatility means the amount of risk associated with playing any particular casino game. It is also known as dispersion or variance. Volatility in slots is the term used for players to know when they can expect the payout during the slots game and the size of that payout. Volatility in slots is divided into high, low and medium volatility. Read on to find the details on all of these slots volatility.

Does Volatility in Slots Impact the Way You Should Play Them?

High Volatility in Slots

When larger wins are offered to the player at irregular intervals in the game it is termed as high volatile in slots. You might have heard about or watched on news about some random person winning a millionaire jackpot at the game of slots. So, this person has definitely played a high volatile slot game to achieve that streak. Hence, if you come across any bigger jackpots, it is understood that the volatility involved in it is a higher one. 

However, this type of volatility is considered as a risky one for the players to pick since they end up waging a lot of money frequently in the game with the intention of winning a massive one somewhere in between. But many times they don’t even achieve any proper winning combinations which could be frustrating. Also, players can expect a very high return to player (RTP) percentage in high volatility slots. This is because while the players may not able to come across any significant combinations in the short term, they can still expect a huge win in the long run in just a single spin. Hence, to achieve high volatile in slots, players must have a huge bankroll which they can keep waging until they hit the biggest jackpot of the game. Also, this kind of game is best for the experienced players who are capable of handling the risk. 

Low Volatility in Slots

Low volatility in slots refers to the production of many mid and small-sized payouts. These payouts are often close to the RTP set by the operator. In low volatile slots, players can play as long as they wish and achieve appropriate winnings. Hence, this type of slots game can be considered as less risky which makes it perfect for the new players. They can play this game and learn it while also winning in smaller portions. Even if they lose, the loss won’t be much threatening. 

While the payouts offered in low volatile slots game are in smaller portions and frequent, players should not expect to hit a huge jackpot or any massive bonus midway. But of course, certain games come with delightful free spins and bonus features which may not pay massive but are huge enough for you to reward with ten to hundreds of times of the initial bet. 

Medium Volatility in Slots

As the name suggests, medium volatility in slots is a blend of both the high and low volatile slots. This type of slot game presents the best of the high and low volatile slots. In medium volatile slots, players can wage and achieve small to medium-sized winnings during the game and also have the possibility of winning massive jackpots which can be as high as a thousand times of their initial bet. 

Medium volatile slots are best for the players who do not wish to risk too much of their money in top UK gambling sites, at the same time expect to win some larger jackpots. So playing these medium volatile slots games lets the players compete for the larger wins, all while maintaining a healthy bankroll. Also, players can expect free spins and bonus games during the mid-game which may not produce lucrative winnings as a highly volatile slots game but they are still large enough to send you home with content. 

Determining the Volatility in Slots

To know how to determine the volatility in slots, players have to spend some time playing it. This is because the casino game developers do not readily provide this information to the players or anyone for that matter. When you spend time playing these games, you will easily understand their working and thereby know what type of volatility is offered in which game. 

One more way to determine the volatility is by studying the paytable of the slots game. If in the paytable you observe the higher amount of prizes, it is understood that the game comes with a nature of medium to high volatility since there is no way they will offer higher prizes repeatedly. 

Does Volatility in Slots Impact the Way You Should Play Them?
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