Video Slots 101: How Are Slot Machines Made? Video Slots 101: How Are Slot Machines Made?

Video Slots 101: How Are Slot Machines Made?

Gambling has always been one of the most famous entertainment sources for people all around the world. It all started with the land-based casinos and gambled along with the other people. However, with the shift in technology, gambling has completely changed and people are migrating towards online gambling more than ever. This shift is pretty obvious since online gambling provides the audience with optimum gambling experience from the comforts of their homes as opposed to land-based casinos. It has been found out in a research that 30% or more of the revenue that was created at the online casinos was from online slots. These slots are popular amongst the players of all ages. Video slot games are also one of the casino games that has seen the most development in the past years. So, how did these video slot games become famous? How were they created and where did all of this start? Let us answer all of these questions in detail.

 Video Slots 101: How Are Slot Machines Made?

The Start Of Video Slots- 1980s

The technological revolution that came in 1980s lead to people buying and using computers regularly. This was the time when internet bloomed and online gambling started becoming a new way for people to entertain themselves. This was also the time when video slots came into the picture. In the beginning, these computer-based video slots were only seen at the land-based casinos where people could go and play. Initially, people had to put in coins in order to spin the reels and won small prizes. However, with time, a way of using paper bills as credits were introduced. Now the video slots became even more lucrative for the players. This made the video slot games even more popular.

Emergence Of Online Video Slots

Within a decade, these slots were available to the users on their gaming consoles. The only problem here was that the users could not play the game for real money. Hence, these game console slot games did not get a lot of popularity. Later, the internet became a commodity every household could afford. This lead to the introduction of online gambling. Online casinos came into the picture and they had a large collection of video slots. Some of the pioneer companies such as Playtech and Microgaming designed online casino games. The most attractive feature about these games was that they could be played with real money and in real time.  

Earlier, these slot games were simple to look at and had simple gameplay. However, with time, they have evolved in terms of their look, features and gameplay. Currently, there are thousands of different kinds of online slots available for the players at online casinos.

The Process Of Slots Creation

There is a lot of work that goes into the creation of these video slots. Even the simple looking games have to be designed by a team of creators. The creation process of video slots is similar to that of video games. The development team is responsible for the creation of a theme, server development, game designing, project management, front-end development and much more. Since most of the slot games have the same basic gameplay, the designers use pre-existing games as a reference for the new projects. The process gets even more complicated if the team has to develop the game from scratch.

The first step is to develop the idea and the concept. The creative team is responsible for collecting the data and building a strategy. If the slot is based on the Egyptian theme, they take reference from a famous Egyptian themed online slot game. They even try and create something new.

Determining The Success Rate

The success rate is something that determines how well the slot game is performing. It is determined by the number of players that are playing the game. There are often times that the slot game is not liked by the players. This means that there is something wrong with the design. The designers look into the problems that might have caused the failures of the slot game and then apply these pointers in the next game they design. Digital slot games are often a smaller investment than the slot machines. A good game will have progressive jackpots and a good RTP for the players. Also, the bigger wins in the video slots have become a necessity with time. Other necessities that a successful game needs include high definition graphics, good theme and some good animations.

People often do not realise that a lot of work goes into the design of the video slots and an entire team of workers make efforts so that they can make a successful online slot game. It is important that we appreciate the hard work of these people while having fun at the online casinos.

Video Slots 101: How Are Slot Machines Made?
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