Blackjack Strategy - Understanding the 2-1-2 Betting System Blackjack Strategy - Understanding the 2-1-2 Betting System

Blackjack Strategy – Understanding the 2-1-2 Betting System

Blackjack is one of the most popular classic games in a casino. This table game is largely played and featured in all the best online casinos in the UK because of its betting system, thrill and the ease of the rules There are several blackjack strategies applied by the players for winning their games. The 2-1-2 betting system also called as Manhattan Blackjack Strategy and rewards the players with constant small wins.

Players looking out for a chance to get a profit at blackjack make use of several tactics to unfold the mystery of winning. With the Manhattan or 2-1-2 Blackjack Strategy, there is increased chance to win your stakes and ace gambling!

The Blackjack Strategy of  2-1-2 Blackjack

Knowing when to raise and stop with the stakes is extremely important for a player to make it big in a game. The 2-1-2 betting system teaches just that but with a sharp aspect to it.

Much like D’Alembert system the 2-1-2 betting system preaches the increasing of stakes at every win but reducing the bet to £1 at a loss. Here one needs to follow the 2-1-2 system i.e. decrease the bet after a first win and increase it again after the second win. And if the dealer gets a win the player returns to the original bet.

Here is a table explaining the 2-1-2 blackjack strategy.

The 2-1-2 betting system
Stake Units:£1
No. Stake Win/Loss Amount (inc stake)
1 £2 Win £4
2 £1 Lose (£1)
3 £1 Win £2
4 £2 Win £4
5 £3 Win £6
6 £4 Win £8
7 £5 Lose (£5)
8 £2 Win £4
9 £1 Lose (£1)
10 £1 Win £2
Total Stake £22 Total Returns £23

Payouts in Blackjack are generally 1 for 1 therefore the win/loss amounts equals the bets. Here the initial bet is £2 and after the player wins its decreased to £1 following the 2-1-2 betting system. And after the initial pattern is followed with every win the player keeps on increasing the bet. As one loss occur the bet it brought back to £2 and again the 2-1-2 starts. The player ends up getting a profit on his stake.

The inherent benefits of 2-1-2 betting system

This rule works the best for making the players play a safe game. The profit is first kept as a safety and the stakes are reduced and later when the winning continues the stakes keep increasing. Just when the dealer wins a streak – the bet is minimized to the basic. This keeps the player strategized to safeguard the profits and take only the challenges when the streaks offer.

Of course there are hot streaks in blackjack and this system brings chance for the players to win it. But those are rare!

A player is likely to win and lose same number of times in this system – it is the stakes that makes the difference and brings a profit.

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Blackjack Strategy – Understanding the 2-1-2 Betting System
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