Top 6 Sports Bet Games That are Hard to Bet On Top 6 Sports Bet Games That are Hard to Bet On

Top 6 Sports Bet Games That are Hard to Bet On

Sports betting is one of the most exciting types of betting and online casino betting is now one of the best places to gamble. With several sports betting sites and daily fantasy leagues lining up on the internet, sports bettors have plenty of gaming options. Yet, not all sports are the same in terms of their difficulties of placing your sports bet.

When determining which sports to gamble on, it is important to look at how the betting crowd normally works out. Although it will offer you a good indicator if you look for sports which have the most success in betting, sports gambling can be entirely arbitrary. What works for one may not for another. Similarly, you might score regular wins by betting on a single sport but lose it by betting on another sport.

Whatever you choose to bet on, there appears to be a consensus in the gaming community about which sports are worth betting on. Here are 6 sports ranked from the easiest to the most challenging to bet on for new sports players or players looking to improve.


Football is the sports king in the US, and it is a common sport to bet on for a lot of players. Not only is football one of the most successful contemporary games, but also has a high potential for lucrative betting. While some people feel football is volatile, the reverse is most often the case.

Big underdogs seldom defeat NFL powerhouses, making it easier for sports stars to put winning bets. But betting on the strong and favourites, while secure, doesn’t necessarily lead to big wins. It is worth noting that there are upsets in just about every sport, but it is easier to restrict bets on these matches than other forms of sports.

Another aspect that benefits prospective football bettors is the fact that the general betting public likes to gamble on the NFL. As it turns out, most gamblers aren’t brilliant at betting, resulting in line moves that clever betting players can reap the benefits of.


As already known, the NBA is one of the biggest leagues in the sporting world. It was a foregone conclusion that the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks are big participants in any season. Even if the stoppage of play happens during the season(which is common), these high rated teams remain steady.

Even the most inexperienced basketball fan should know which teams should win regularly. While there is always the possibility to get unwanted results, the NBA is perhaps the most predictable sport to bet on. 

Thanks to the ease of betting on the NBA, players have the benefit of handpicking sports bets with the most reward value. Additionally, prop bets are an interesting way for bettors to make some extra money on the hand. With the large range of bets available to the bettors can make based on data and analytics, basketball is a perfect starting point for players looking to win money.

Combat sports

The two most popular combat sports available to bettors to place their sports bets on are boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts). All of these provide bettors with an outstanding chance to make successful bets. Although they’re not known to be some of the most popular sports, there’s always plenty of knowledge and research available across the internet to make smart, knowledgeable bets.

The value of betting on fighting sports lies in its simplicity. There are only three possible outcomes: fighter 1 wins, fighter 2 wins, or tie. Betting on one of these sports is perfect for players who are often perplexed by the confusing nature of other sports leagues.

A lot of people choose MMA betting because they find the sport more competitive, but some boxing matches are so one-sided that the risk and reward are not worth it. However, there is a huge number of MMA wagers to gamble on.


Tennis, like other big sports, is dominated by star power. The sport is massively strong, with the likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal dominating the sport over the last decade. There are not as many gambling chances as possible when it comes to tennisp due to the shortage of competitions in a calendar year.

The way to win a bet in tennis is a little less satisfactory than winning in other sports, but it’s much more reliable and predictable. In the opening rounds of most major competitions, the more talented players contend against the weaker opposition, with the bulk of the matches being an easy victory for the big dogs.

The above implies that if you lose a few units on the more popular stars in the early stages of the tournament, you can gain money when you gamble on a tennis bet. However, the chances are not too favourable, which means that your ROI will most likely not be too high. But by making consistent bets, your bankroll can increase over time.


Betting on golf is less challenging than you would have thought. The PGA Tour takes place almost year-round, allowing golf betting enthusiasts enough opportunities to bet on the tournaments. There are also other tours to be followed outside the PGA, such as the and the LPGA Tour. It is important to get into a good groove and note patterns among golfers while making bets.

When it comes to betting on golf, many aspects can affect the probability of profitability of individual bets. When choosing possible bets, it is important to factor in the atmosphere, the recent quality of golfers’ play, accidents, and how golfers normally go on courses.

The challenge of betting on golf comes with the total number of players in each tournament and avoiding slipping into the assumptions on each. Inexperienced bettors prefer to either gamble on only one golfer, making it impossible to win bets or bet on too many golfers where returns will be small. Make sure you constantly hunt for the best odds and stop choosing the golfers you want to win.


Baseball is one of the toughest games in the world to bet on. And that’s because of the unpredictable nature of the game. Only because the team has the best pitched on the mound, there is no assurance that the game will be played in favour of the team with the best talent. This is only one of the many things that makes it so harder for this sport to bet on successfully. The 162-game season, along with the streak of baseball players and the teams they play with, makes it difficult to figure out.

In any other sports, it is pretty clear which team should reign supreme. However, even though the greatest baseball team has its ace on the mount versus one of the worst teams in the league, it is not a sure bet that they’re going to win.

An elongated season will lead to poor teams doing well for a few weeks and good teams going on losing streaks. As a gambler, you don’t know when these runs could start or how long they are going to last. However, baseball can be lucrative for sharp sports bettors, provided they have the right betting scheme in place. Baseball has a greater level of mathematical analysis than any other sport. So, if you’re a lover of statistical combing, baseball could be your best bet.

So where to start with?

Yet there is no need to leap into sports gaming by betting on any sport to see what wins and what fails. Most sports players believe that NFL and NBA betting is a perfect starting point for bettors. Basketball and football are also very repetitive and, going into the regular season, most players have a fair idea which teams would end up in a better spot than others.
Cricket is always a good starting point. Cricket betting has a huge fan base and, as such, most online betting websites give cricket action to customers almost all around the year. Cricket sportsbooks usually feature pre-game and in-game bets on league games, international matches, and major tournaments and events. So if you have an in-depth knowledge of the game and have done your homework beforehand, cricket might be one of the better sports to bet on. On the other side, if you are unaware, don’t venture into it. It might be the absolute worst thing to gamble on.
Fighting sports are also ideal for beginners because of the ease of the sport.


As already stated, the best sport to gamble on is the one that makes you the most money. Unfortunately for you, the best way to figure out what works for you is by trial and error.
But remember, whatever sport you like, make sure you devote enough time and energy to making smart, knowledgeable bets. Good luck on your bets!

Top 6 Sports Bet Games That are Hard to Bet On
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