The Good And Bad of the Autoplay Function in Slots The Good And Bad of the Autoplay Function in Slots

The Good And Bad of the Autoplay Function in Slots

The Autoplay Function in Slots is one that allows players to play a predetermined number of spins without any form of disruption whatsoever. You only have to click the large ‘Autoplay’ button usually located beneath the reel structure of the virtual slot machine and you are good to go. This is one function that helps players to make several bets per spin at the same time without having to go through the betting process with each successive wager. While the ‘Autoplay’ functions obviously offer some huge benefits to players, like most things there is a flip-side. This article highlights the good and bad of the Autoplay function in slots, sit back and enjoy reading!

The Good And Bad of the Autoplay Function in Slots

The Good of Autoplay Function in Slots

#1: A Time-Saving Function

One major benefit of using the Autoplay function in slots is that it saves your valuable time. As mentioned before, if you have a huge bankroll, this function comes in handy. You do not want to spend valuable time placing successive bets before clicking the ‘Spin’ icon after each successive bet, do you? With the ‘Autoplay’ option, you can place a series of bets all at once and the slot game will then be on autopilot. However, do not think that the ‘Autoplay’ option is a sort of winning strategy, it’s not. Virtual slot machines make use of RNGs which are the determining factor in all outcomes, good or bad.

#2:A Convenient Option

This explains itself really. With the Autoplay function in slots, you are guaranteed convenience because you do not have to stress yourself placing multiple bets one after the other. Once Autoplay function in slots is utilised, you can go about doing other stuff while the slot machine sorts itself out. Being a game of luck, your presence is really not necessary at this point.

#3: Works Great for Organised Tourneys 

If you are into an organised slot tournament, using the ‘Autoplay’ function will help save the time of every participant. In addition, for small or large tournaments, this function is very convenient to implement. While slot tourneys may differ in online casinos, they are all based on the following;

  • Your betting sum
  • Your wins
  • The number of games that you have been involved in within a defined time period.

The Bad of Autoplay Function in Slots

#1: Autoplay Works Regardless of Your Bankroll

An example should suffice at this point. Just picture a scenario where you want to play 20 successive spins at a minimum bet per spin of £2. What this means is that you will have to place a cumulative bet of £40. Assuming you have only £40 in your gaming account and you are unsuccessful in all your 20 spins, you will be left with nothing but an account that is empty. Once you program the ‘Autoplay’ function, it will execute the command regardless. If you had made use of the old school, bet and spin method with each spin, you would have known when to back out and play at another time.

#2: One Betting Size at All Times

You cannot program the ‘Autoplay’ function to place different betting sizes for different spins. If you play 100 spins using the ‘Autoplay’ function, all the spins will be played at the same betting rate. There is no flexibility to the bet, where you can vary your betting amount and even the number of paylines. It is one bet size for all spins which is not too smart really. The human element does not come into play with the ‘Autoplay’ function and this is an issue for most video slot players.

#3: Not Much Gameplay

There are two schools of thought on this one. The first say – since a video slot game is simply a casino game, why should anyone bother about gameplay. On the other hand, the second school of thought say – even though a video slot is a casino game and one that earns you money, it is still a game and should be enjoyed as one. The second school of thought is right and so also is the first school of thought. The truth is, it really depends on who is playing the slot game. Autoplay function in slots could be of benefit to the busy executive who still wants to play a slot game without too much involvement. In this case, the first school of thought prevails. 

The Good And Bad of the Autoplay Function in Slots
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Posted On : 15/07/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell