What is spread betting? - Its basics, benefits and examples What is spread betting? - Its basics, benefits and examples

What is spread betting? – Its basics, benefits and examples

Spread betting is a term used in sports betting. It is not a very common bet that is used in the traditional sports betting industry. Many players find it complex and they want to avoid it. It is not widely available as other bets because there are very few online gambling UK sports betting sites that offer options of spread betting. However, in Europe and Australia, spread betting is popular and many players do seem to enjoy it. The Online Casino, a very popular gambling site in the UK, provides the option of spread betting. Spread betting is not very easy to play but it’s not very difficult to understand. The player has to be familiar with the rules and regulations, strategies and techniques of spread betting. 

What is spread betting? - Its basics, benefits and examples

Understanding the basics

Spread betting refers to the person placing the bet on something that will occur before or after a set time or on some amount that will be higher or lower than the set number. Spread betting can be called equivalent to totals betting or the under/over betting. The booker will place a spread for the market. For e.g. the booker placed a spread consisting of the goal of a premium soccer match. The player will buy the bet only if she thinks that the number of goals scored will be higher than the spread and she will sell the bet only if she thinks that the number of goals scored will be lower than the spread. 

The spread is never presented in whole numbers. It is always a range of numbers. For e.g. the spread consists of a range of 2-3 goals.  If the player has to buy, she has to bet on the larger /upper side of the spread and if she has to sell the bet, she has to score on the lower side of the spread. Therefore in order to win and buy the bet, the player requires more than 3 goals and if she wants to sell them, then she requires to have less than 2 votes. 

The only difference between spread betting and any other betting is the non-availability of odds. Over here, the wins or losses depend on how right or wrong the player was. If the player guessed the right outcome, she is entitled towards receiving a part of the stake multiplied by the difference between the spread and the outcome. If the player loses, then she has to pay her stake multiplied by the difference.

Understanding how to play

This can be better understood through an example. Taking the example of the spread of 2-3 goals with an initial stake of $10. It will become easy to calculate the wins and losses as they are all in multiples of ten which was the original stake amount. The difference between the wins and losses is very less with respect to the initial stake. This is largely due to the size of the game and the fact that the goals scored are rarely different from that of the spread. 

There are betting markets where the difference between the wins and losses are really high. 

Another very good example of spread betting is when the player places a bet on the time of the first goal of the soccer match. The booker puts up a spread based on the timings and the player has to decide whether the first goal will take place early or later than the spread. The person will buy the bet if the goal occurs later than the spread or will sell the bet if it occurs earlier than the spread. Since the process of calculating the wins and losses is the same, the difference between the amounts can be quite high. These two examples attempt to simplify the complicated aspects of the game. If the player becomes confident with the basics of the game, she can play it with ease. That being said, spread betting may not be suitable for everyone. The person needs to read up on the risks and benefits involved before giving it a try. 

What is spread betting? - Its basics, benefits and examples

Understanding the involvement of benefits and risks

If making lots of money is anyone’s goal, then, spread betting is the right option for them. Spread betting provides opportunities for the players to make huge amounts of money. Making the right move with respect to the stake can prove to be an attractive method of winning huge profits. This entices the people towards the game and in this context is clearly seen as a benefit. However, no one should be carried away with the thought of making easy money. Making the right move comes up with a lot of risks. The right move can bring in with huge money whereas the wrong move can result in big losses. The player can lose her stakes many times and will not derive favourable outcomes as anticipated. Adopting the right approach and strategy becomes a matter of utmost importance. A good strategy can minimise the chances of risk and maximise the goal of making profits. For beginners, it is always advised to start with small stakes and utilise effective bankroll management rules. 

There are other advantages of spread betting as well. There are markets where the player can bet which may not be possible owing to traditional sports betting. It opens the possibilities for making huge amounts of money. It is possible to close on a position early, say halfway through a match if things are not going according to the plan. They may minimise the chances of making losses and allow the player to lock in profits in case things start showing up well for her. 

It is not easy to say whether every individual is cut out for spread betting. The player has to decide whether she wants to go for it. She has to do a thorough research of the game before making that decision. There are some incredible benefits involved that ensure high profitability but the losses can be severe. The player has to assess the benefits and the risks and decide whether she wants to take part in this game or not. 

What is spread betting? – Its basics, benefits and examples
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