Scratch Cards Online - Rules, Tips & History Scratch Cards Online - Rules, Tips & History

Scratch Cards Online – Rules, Tips & History

Scratch Cards were introduced in the mid-1970s and ever since then, they have slowly been iterated and evolved to become the popular game that is not only common in brick and mortar casino but a regular occurrence in convenience stores all over the world. Thanks to the advent of the internet, Scratch Cards along with other traditional casino games, have found a second home in the online space. As was the case with every other physical casino game that was developed to take advantage of the internet and computing in general, many scratch card players believed that playing Scratch Cards online would not be the same as its predecessor. However, online Scratch Cards work just like those on paper does. This article gives a detailed history, rule, and tips about playing online Scratch Cards.

Scratch Cards Online

History of Scratch Cards Online

Just as the world was experimenting on the power of computing, in the middle of 1970s, a Scientific Games Corporation, designed the first instant lottery tickets that were computer-generated. These tickets were the founding-fathers of Scratch Cards as we currently know them. Approximately a decade later, Astro-Med, an American company, applied for, and received the first U.S. patent for their design lottery card dubbed the “instant scratch-off card.” These cards are what we now know as the modern-day Scratch Cards.

The first Scratch Cards featured a single covered layer with 3-4 sections. Back then, like now, players were required to reveal the matching numbers, symbols, and letters by scratching the silver membrane atop the card. Advanced Scratch Cards had words, special symbols, and pictures which were often promotional material for sports events and products. Other Scratch Cards used symbols of commonly-played casino games such as slots, Blackjack, and Baccarat for the winning combination.

Owing to their simple gameplay and affordability, Scratch Cards then became a global phenomenon. Gamblers and hobbyists could purchase them from casinos, kiosks and convenience stores. To this day, American Scientific Games Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of Scratch Cards with production plants in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Australia and, of course, the U.S.

From 2009, casinos incorporated Scratch Cards online by using Macromedia Flash and Java technologies to deliver seamless mechanics and gameplay that mimicked physical Scratch Cards. Players now had the freedom of playing Scratch Cards online by simply hovering over the surface using the cursor or clicking a button to reveal the prize underneath.

Rules for Playing Scratch Cards Online

Playing online Scratch Cards is as easy as physical ones. So much so that they have surpassed- in popularity- physical Scratch Cards. The reasons include ease of access, affordability, bonuses, and promotions that are run by casinos and themed Scratch Cards that improve the players’ user experience.

To play Scratch Cards online, sign up to an online casino and follow the instructions, which may include choosing a deposit and payment option; if you have an existing account, sign in. Click the scratch card tab and proceed to click the coin selector to set the amount you want to stake. The plus sign increases your stake while the minus sign does otherwise. Choose a Scratch Card that fits your preferences and price range by clicking the “New Card” button. You can then reveal the prize by scratching the card using the cursor or clicking a “Show Card” button which immediately displays the symbols. All winnings are immediately debited into your account once you land on a prize. You only win if you match three or more symbols. The total winning is calculated based on the value of the symbols of the winning combination and the stake you placed.

Handy Tips for Playing Scratch Cards Online

Below are a few tips for playing online Scratch Cards.

  • Budget your expenditure. This point cannot be overemphasised. Playing online can easily make you get lost in the fun and prizes that come along with it. It would do you good to set and stick to your budget before you begin playing online Scratch Cards, or any casino games for that matter.
  • Know when to stop. It is prudent to stop playing when it’s no longer fun or when you are on an unending losing streak.

The most popular Scratch Cards online games are those with 3D graphics, beautiful sports, fantasy, sci-fi, and comic themes.

Scratch Cards Online – Rules, Tips & History
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