Roulette Strategy - The Double Street Betting System Roulette Strategy - The Double Street Betting System

Roulette Strategy – The Double Street Betting System

If you are looking for a low-risk betting strategy to increase your chances of winning in a game of Roulette, here’s the Double Street System worth a try. Suitable to any traditional Roulette format featured by any UK gambling site, this roulette strategy involves no bets or even chances. This means that it may not provide extra benefits in the French version of the classic table game. Many experts, however, suggest avoiding playing the American Roulette for its relatively higher house edge owing to double zero while offering same payouts.

Roulette Strategy - The Double Street Betting System

What is the double street betting strategy in Roulette?

This strategy implies that players make equal bets in each spin. This means that in every round of the game you wish to participate, you will require six bets of the same size, thus making six line bets, corner bets (covering four numbers) and a straight-up single number bet. You can decide on the bet size depending on your bankroll. The strategy is not particularly aggressive as you will not be required to raise the amount of your bet here. However, it will be useful to remember that the pattern used will cover less than half of the numbers. This means that many spins in a row could be rendered unprofitable.

What do you need for a go in this exclusive Roulette strategy?

You’ll require six chips per spin and you can begin playing from any round. This strategy does not put the pressure of having to memorize any results of the previous spins.
If you are wondering how to place the chips, this layout could come handy:

  • 2 chips on 6 lines covering numbers from 10-15
  • 2 chips on 6 lines covering numbers from 28- 33
  • 1 chip at the corner closing numbers from 17-21
  • 1 straight up on any number that is not covered by any other bet

If one of the six line bets win, players will get 6 additional chips while if the corner bets win, you will win 3 chips. With the straight-up, you can get a prize of 30 chips. You can change the single number bet depending on the spin or leave it in the same place.

Advantages of the double street betting strategy in Roulette

  • Simple and can be implied even with a budgeted bankroll
  • The game can be enjoyed for longer hours with a smaller number of chips or bets

Players must remember that no betting system reduces the house advantage and this one may not be ideal for players looking for several big wins from single number bets.

Veteran Roulette players recommended setting realistic time frames and financials before beginning to play out the system. If you see any possibility of overreaching the prefixed limits, it’s advisable to stop playing at once.

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Roulette Strategy – The Double Street Betting System
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