Reasons Why Slots Are Better than Blackjack Reasons Why Slots Are Better than Blackjack

Reasons Why Slots Are Better than Blackjack

The internet is awash with articles that advise both experienced and newbie gamblers to play games that have a low house edge. (House edge is the advantage a casino has over players.) At the very least, players are advised to play with an advantage. For this reason, gambling experts prefer slots over Blackjack. This, however, does not blanket all slot machines as bad games. It means that Blackjack, when played with the right rules and the best strategies, has a lower house edge than that of slot machines. This article explains a couple of reasons that make slots a better option than Blackjack.

 Reasons Why Slots Are Better than Blackjack

No Strategy

Like most games, Blackjack requires that you make crucial decisions during the gameplay. Players need to decide whether they want to double down split, surrender, stand or hit when they are dealt with a card. If you are ever going to use a strategy, you need to commit the best of them to memory to ensure that you use it well. This is the only sure way of lowering the house edge as much as possible.

In slots, on the other hand, players need not think about any strategies. When playing slots, players can do whatever they want to: read a book, browse the internet, or even peep at other machines. The only decision slot players are faced with is the number of lines they want to wager on and the amount they wish to bet on per line. Some don’t even allow such liberties: players insert money and spin. Online based slots allow players to set the number of spins. Other options include using the Autoplay option and adjusting the number of spins per hour.

Higher Prizes

In Blackjack, you can win a maximum of one and a half times your original wager. This situation stands when the player receives a 3 to 2 payment. If a player decides to either split or double down and win at both hands, they only win twice their original wager. But that comes with another requirement- players will need to double their bet. Blackjack games that have big potential winnings often come with a side bet. What casinos don’t tell you is that all side bets have increased house edge than the base game.

Conversely, when playing slots, players can win hundreds and thousands of dollars after a single spin. You are only limited by the amount you placed and the wagering multiplier that is set by the casino. Modern ones have prizes that go well above $10,000 with high-prized jackpots. Of course, these prizes aren’t won often, but it only makes sense that they are up for grabs.

Eating the House

Blackjack players often harbour the notion that they can beat the house at their own game. Some people claim to have experience in beating Blackjack by counting cards, but it isn’t regular. Even then, you have to play with good house rules for you to have a low house edge.

Slot machines work by taking a small amount of your money as you progress with the game. They are programmed to do so. This shouldn’t discourage slot players since they get closer to higher winnings as they make headway. The machine takes up a percentage of your money and lets you win the rest. It is aimed at getting you closer to the profit set to make. This means that the more you play, the higher your chances of raking in maximum payouts or even the jackpot.


Blackjack is a fixed game that is played in a similar manner in all casinos. The rules vary only to a small degree. Generally, it has the same gameplay.

In slots, players have a wide array of games to choose. They range from three reel machines that are old-fashioned, video slots, and progressive jackpot games that have a slew of features. They also have different themes that break the monotony of playing the same ones every other time.


True, blackjack rules are simple and straightforward, but different games in different casinos have slightly different rules. Slots, on the other hand, have similar rules regardless of where you are playing them.

Reasons Why Slots Are Better than Blackjack
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Posted On : 20/05/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell