Real Casino Strategies That You Can’t Apply At Online Casino

Real Casino Strategies That You Can’t Apply At Online Casino

You can be a wanderer to recall those days when you had no option to play casino games unless you headed straight for a real casino and get an entry there. But now, the scenario has changed. Today, the entire world of the casino is being segregated into two main sectors, land-based and live casinos. Now, you have both the option to play fun games like scratch card and more. You can go to the real casinos to have your bets, or you can play them online right from your living room. But does the strategies and tricks for odds of getting a big hand really work in online casinos? Read it whole, so that, you can save yourself from losing your hard-earned bucks.

Real Casino Strategies That You Can’t Apply At Online Casino

Baccarat: Edge Sorting At Online Casino

Baccarat is a game of pure gambling just like a scratch card, as once you get dealt cards in your hands, you cannot do anything unless the final result is revealed. If you have your fortune with you, only then you can win the game. However, there is one strategy which might help you a little in some rare cases being called Edge sorting. With this trick, you can have a real advantage over the dealer or your opposition. Just follow the turn of the cards with a bit of attention when it shuffled by the dealer. You might be able to guess the top one correctly before it is dealt with or served.

On the contrary, you can’t apply to this trick if you are playing the game online. Because, in online casinos, cards are shuffled automatically. You can’t track the turn during each shuffle.

Blackjack: Card counting

Card counting is one of the most popular strategies while playing Blackjack in casinos. It is not as easy as a scratch card; rather, you need to be a little attentive. It is a technique with which you can track or predict the dealt cards if it is not shuffled properly.

On the other hand, you cannot rely on this strategy if you are playing it in online casinos. Because in an online casino the dealt cards are shuffled automatically after every single hand by the game application itself.

Roulette: Biased wheels

If you have ever played Roulette in any real casinos, then you must be aware of the spinning wheel. It is also a game of luck like scratch cards. In scratch card, you have to scratch the card to know whether you win something or not. Here in the case of Roulette, you have to spin the wheel. If your luck favours, then you win the bet. So, in both scenarios, you just cannot do anything if your fortune is not with you. But still, you can have an odd of winning in Roulette, if you are playing at any real casino rather than playing online. In many land-based casinos, you can find a biased Roulette table or an older wheel with a balancing issue. If you find anything like this, then follow the end results of their spins. This strategy could be an advantage for you to win a bet which you cannot apply while playing online.

Jackpots: False group play

You can have some real odds of winning in any declared jackpots if you have a group of experienced players. This is one of the real working strategies for winning the jackpot in games like Poker. If your false group can occupy every single seat of any declared jackpot, then you could get the highest chance of winning. Once anyone from your group wins the jackpot, just stop playing the game and share the winning value. However, this trick cannot be applied online, as you will never be able to occupy every seat for group playing.

Bottom line

Well, it is up to you whether you want to play casino games like a scratch card in real or live casinos. But make sure that you are not using these strategies online.

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Post Name : Real Casino Strategies That You Can’t Apply At Online Casino

Posted On : 27/09/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell