Qualities of a Good Virtual Casino Qualities of a Good Virtual Casino

Qualities of a Good Virtual Casino

The first virtual casinos came out in the mid-1990s. Back then, people used to wonder how long they would last. They didn’t want to trust strangers who were probably hundreds or even thousands of miles away. So, they weren’t keen on keeping their money with them. Today, almost two decades later, people have just fallen in love with virtual casinos. The trend has also given rise to what is called ‘virtual gambling’ or ‘online gambling’ and has grown into a large phenomenon.

Qualities of a Good Virtual Casino

However, people’s trust in the deposit systems isn’t the only reason why virtual casinos have gained such immense popularity. They also have additional benefits over traditional forms of gambling. So, let’s take a look at what virtual casinos have to offer for gamblers.

The advantages of an online or virtual casino can be broadly classified into two types:

General advantages of virtual casinos

A virtual casino has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Lower stakes

    Online or virtual casinos are probably the best places for low rollers since they are more affordable. For example, while virtual casinos offer users to play for $\€\£ 0.25 per spin, land-based casinos cost anywhere between $\€\£ 0.5 and $\€\£ 3. Similarly, the stakes for online table games are set at $\€\£ 1 or $\€\£ 2 for every bet, while their land-based counterparts charge an average of $\€\£ 10 to $\€\£ 25. So, users who play in an top online casino don’t have to spend huge sums of money.

  2. A host of welcome bonuses

    Welcome bonuses are one of the highly sought-after qualities of a virtual casino. In many cases, such bonuses are dependent on the first deposit or a series of such deposits. So, the more money you deposit, the more free offers and bonuses you stand a chance to win. One of the only drawbacks of welcome bonuses is that you must meet the minimum wagering requirements, which are usually 20 times the bonus in addition to the deposit.

  3. A wide range of games

    When compared to a standard land-based casino, a virtual casino offers a variety of games. On average, a virtual casino has about 200 to 300 slot machines and hundreds of other games and game types, including table games, scratch cards, and poker games. While major land-based casinos like the ones in Macau or Las Vegas do offer hundreds of different games, others offer only a handful. So, virtual casinos are much better than their land-based counterparts, owing to the huge selection of games they offer.

  4. Better odds of winning

    Virtual casinos cost less to operate, which means that the players have better odds of winning. For instance, online slots offer a 96% payback in an online casino as compared to a land-based casino. And this is regardless of what you are betting. It’s only because these casinos have virtually lower house edges that they offer such odds. Land-based casinos, however, offer as much for only those slot games which cost more than $\€\£ 1.

  5. A sense of privacy

    Some gamblers prefer privacy when they play. A virtual casino offers players their own spaces. Whether they play on a PC, tablet, or on their smartphones, these casinos offer them solitude by virtually separating them from drunk players or chatterboxes who are usually found in land-based casinos.

  6. Convenience

    Virtual casinos offer more convenience as you don’t have to travel. It makes sense to visit a land-based casino if you are staying close by. Otherwise, for the rest of the vast majority who live far off, virtual casinos are a boon. You can also play on the go if you are playing on your phone.

  7. Several deposit options

    Yet another one of the good qualities of a virtual casino is that it offers many deposit and withdrawal options, including Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrencies. They also offer other deposit options, including wire transfer, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and more. And while land-based casinos do offer several deposit and withdrawal methods, it’s nowhere nearly as close to what a virtual casino offers.

  8. Control the speed of the game

    The games in most land-based casinos are fast-paced as they need to increase their profit margins. So, it makes it harder for the players to relax and enjoy themselves. With virtual casinos, however, you can control the speed of the game and thus, be able to play at a slower pace. You can also take breaks by leaving the games running.

Advantages of specific types of virtual casinos

There are different types of virtual casino games, just as there are different types of land-based casino games. And each of them boasts of several advantages. So, here are some specific types of virtual casino games along with their advantages.

  1. Software-dealt casino games

    You can play casino games having software dealers rather than real ones, using your computer or a smartphone. Most of them are table games that graphically generate new images. One of the primary advantages of software-dealt casino games is that you can control the speed of the games. Also, there is no waiting between rounds, so you can keep playing. Additionally, all the chips and deal cards are instantly available after each round.

  2. Live dealer casino games

    In a live dealer casino game, the action happens on a real land-based casino. The only difference is that the game is live-streamed to your computer or smartphone. Live dealer games give you the advantage of land-based casinos where you can get a real human dealer, instead of a computer. Additionally, you also get a land-based casino atmosphere, which you don’t get to experience in a virtual casino.

  3. Virtual Reality casino games

    The field of Virtual Reality is yet to fully penetrate the online casino markets. Nevertheless, Virtual Reality casino games can give you an immersive experience compared to their software counterparts. For example, many such games allow the players to experience a real casino by walking around to slots, using a VR headset. One other advantage of VR casinos is that they have all the elements of land-based casinos, including bars and lounge areas.

    Each of us has different preferences when it comes to gambling. While some prefer to gamble online, others would want to experience the atmosphere and action contained in a real casino. But all said virtual casinos do have their own set of advantages. For example, they provide more convenience than land-based casinos. They also offer lower odds and better chances of winning. What’s more? Players don’t end up spending more money. So, all these advantages make virtual casinos one of the best places to experience gambling.

Qualities of a Good Virtual Casino
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