Being a professional gambler: Here is what it takes! Being a professional gambler: Here is what it takes!

Being a professional gambler: Here is what it takes!

The life of a professional gambler sounds fun as he gets to visit casinos, beats everyone at their own game and wins a huge sum of money. He also gets to live a rich and comfortable lifestyle. But the journey of becoming a professional gambler is not easy at all. It takes a lot to become one. Most of them were novice players who visited traditional casinos or an online casino or a mobile casino to polish their skills and play at matches to win money. Participating in a live casino also provides them with opportunities for making money. There are professional gamblers who have quit their old jobs to solely concentrate on this new venture but there are many who still have kept their old jobs to sustain their living. 

Being a professional gambler: Here is what it takes!

A lot of professionals, however, advise players to not risk everything and give up their old jobs as the journey towards becoming a gambler is filled with uncertainty and there is no guarantee that one may become successful or make huge sums of money. There are tried and tested ways of becoming a gambler. There are advantages and disadvantages of earning money through gambling. One of the easiest ways to start the journey towards becoming a successful player is to get acquainted with the technique called the matched betting. 

Learn the tricks and trade of matched betting

Matched betting has been regarded as a quicker way of becoming a successful gambler. Most of the players have applied this technique in the beginning to make quick money. It is also regarded as a less risky method as compared to the other techniques. 

Online casino sites offer the provisions of free bets. The players take advantage of free bets as they can save their winnings from them. Most of the clever players wait for the correct moment to hedge over the bet and then withdraw most of it, depending on the outcome. When this same process is repeated at different online bookmakers, the player makes a huge amount of money. 

There are resources available online where players can register themselves to avail of the best-matched offers and play as many free bets as they want. Even though matched betting has been proved to be the easiest way to make money, there is a limit placed on the earnings slab.

For instance, if the player has made somewhere between £16000-20000, he has to shift to other alternatives to make money. Once he has made money from matched betting, he can move on to making money from casino bonuses which are difficult but are very profitable. 

Become a successful value bettor 

It is important for the player to stay one step ahead of the bookies to know when they get the odds wrong. Value bettors are called leading experts of a world team or a sporting event. They have more knowledge than the oddsmakers at the bookies. They can make their own odds. If the odds they make turn out to be different from what the bookers have made, the player then bets on the difference.

Being a professional gambler: Here is what it takes!

The value bettor does not use any loopholes or bonuses to win the game. Instead, they try to beat the bookies at their own games. Since it is not a very easy way to make money, it is suggested that once the players start making their odds, they engage in paper betting, which means using fake money, to test the house edge before deciding to spend real cash. 

Value bettors need a platform to place their bets. The bookmakers are not fond of value bettors as they make a lot of money. That is why gamblers will use sports betting exchange. In this platform, the player has to compete against the punters. The betting exchange takes some percentage of the winnings as commission. 

A quick introduction to arbitrage

The player has to note down all the differences between the odds at different bookmakers and place bets on the outcomes to make profits. 

Sports arbitrage is a very simple concept to understand. For example, if there is a tennis match going on and one bookmaker believes that player A will win the match and there is another bookmaker who believes that player B will win the match, they will rate their odds differently. If there is a big difference, then the player can place the bets on opposite players so that whichever player wins the match, the player can make money. 

Searching for sports arbitrage options is very easy. There is readymade software available which notifies the player about the availability of opportunity and also informs the player about the betting process. The biggest challenge, however, remains to prevent the accounts from getting closed. When the bookmaker comes to know about the player’s reputation of a professional gambler, they try their best to close or limit access to their account.

A quick guide to becoming a sports trader

Sports trading can be equated to a stock market. There are betting exchanges where the punters can buy and sell bets. The trader makes strategies to buy and sell bets. 

There is software available online that manages sports trading. The sports trading market is modelled based on the stock market. The best way to start a career as a sports trader is to learn about the trading strategies of a stock market.

There are online resources and books available that consist of information about the stock market and algorithmic trading.

Learn on what it takes to be a Poker player

To make it big as a successful Poker player, the player needs to have a huge gap in between the opponent in terms of skill set. This means if the opponent is better than the player, the player makes less money.

There are online forums available online that share strategies and unique tips for players who are determined to make money from Poker. The player can take advantage of all the welcome bonuses once he makes online accounts on all the Poker sites. 

The biggest secret in Poker is that people who make money whilst playing at matches are not some top, famous players but are anonymous skilled gamblers who capitalise on the not so skilled gambling players. 

Being a professional gambler: Here is what it takes!
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