How Gambling Impacts Positively on Society and Economy? How Gambling Impacts Positively on Society and Economy?

How Gambling Impacts Positively on Society and Economy?

Gambling has been around for centuries and just like many other things it has got its positive and negative sides. But most people choose to neglect its brighter side and often focus on the age-old stereotype of how dangerous of a pitfall it is financially for the gamblers. This article will help you see how this impacts positively on society and economy in general.

How Gambling Impacts Positively on Society and Economy?

Job Opportunities and Hefty Income in the Gambling industry

Casinos around the world provide a significant amount of job opportunities even with minimum qualification. But do not for once think that it presents a stagnant career! A person starting as a dealer can be promoted to the post of manager or other similar positions. Also, casinos often earn huge incomes through casino games and in turn are capable of providing their workers with proper salaries. The workers here also get to earn through tips for the services they provide. Some customers are pretty generous and are the reason for the workers to earn some staggering tips.

The legalised casinos which are larger than life play an important role in stimulating the employment rate in cities. Also, it is not just the huge casinos of the cities but even the small town casinos provide appropriate employment and earnings to many. This is clearly evident through the statistics which show that the nations that have legalised casinos have an increased employment rate of around 8%. Even the overall wages of such cities and states that house casinos are higher.

Government Earnings (taxes) through Gambling

Just like other businesses, UK casinos are required to pay taxes to the government. Along with the casinos, even the players that win huge amounts by gambling are subjected to the payment of tax. If you consider the United States, the taxation rates vary in each state. Casinos in Nevada, one of the biggest casino destinations in the world, pay 6.75% additional tax along with various other local commissions. For the gamblers, the rules state to pay around 25% of their winnings (which begins from $1,200 for slots games and $5,000 for poker).

Leaving aside taxes, the gambling industry is also advantageous for various other economic activities like charities, supporting social innovations and such.

Profits through Sports Gambling

Sports betting is another venture which is heavily profitable like other aspects of the betting world. The taxes earned through sports betting are surely lucrative but it doesn’t stop there. Sports betting also offer numerous platforms for other businesses through which they try to bring customers that are keen in any of the sports events which are usually taken care of by the betting agents.

Sports betting also provide opportunities for the local cultures which are considered very tourist-friendly events. Consider, for example, the cycling event of the Tour de France betting which excites many cyclists and is one of the incredible events out there. It is telecasted on television and also has many articles written on it every year. Thousands of enthusiasts make sure to follow this event every year on television or even make a trip to France just to catch a glimpse of this phenomenal event.

Gambling enhances Tourism

Casinos like Las Vegas, Macau etc are pretty magnificent and cover aspects like hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, salons, massage centres, entertainment centres, shopping malls and such. There are too much glamour and attractions in such places. Even if one is not so much interested in gambling, they can still visit these places for a unique experience. Hence, these resorts are responsible for increasing the tourism of the country which in turn increases revenues too.

Some Pitfalls of the Gambling

There are certain elements of the society that uphold the downsides of the casino games like the addiction it comes with, the crimes associated with bigger casinos and such. They argue that society doesn’t benefit from gambling and more harm is done than the profit. But when looked closely, these matters do not have a long-term impact on the economy of the country and society in general. Most of the long-standing and well-reputed casinos have made sure to implement policies that will avoid issues that might arise through casinos. Also, these casinos spend on researches and organizations to help the people that have gotten addicted to gambling.

How Gambling Impacts Positively on Society and Economy?
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Posted On : 31/05/2019

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