All About the Paroli System All About the Paroli System

All About the Paroli System

Betting systems have always been a part and parcel of gambling and with more and more players entering the casino domain, these systems are much in discussion. Among the most popular progressive betting strategies features the Paroli system, this is a simple strategy that uses the positive progression method and can enable players to generate steady small wins and prevent the risk of suffering big losses. 

 All About the Paroli System

The Premise of the Paroli System

The term Paroli is derived from the Latin word ‘par’ which means equal. As opposed to the Martingale system of betting, the Paroli system uses fixed limits for the maximum bet where players have to increase their stakes after a win. This system is designed around the even-money wagers and is widely used in table games such as Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and the like. The primary aim is to double up thrice, collect the profit and start again. Several sports bettors use this strategy in betting on different sports. 

There are a few rules that every player needs to follow when using the Paroli system. These are enumerated as follows:

  • To have a fixed base stake which refers to the amount that you will be betting at the beginning of every cycle. You can choose an amount based on your bankroll. Experts suggest that the amount chosen could be around 25 of your budgets that you can risk losing over a session of gaming. 
  • Doubling your bet amount for the following stake after winning a bet. 
  • Restraining from staking after 3 consecutive wins. Veterans say that three wins in a row are quite common but the possibility of winning after that is less likely. 
  • In case you lose a bet, the following bet should be at the base amount you started with. Whether you lose in a row or not, it’s best not to increase your bet after you’ve lost one. 

The Paroli system indicates that you will be able to make a profit quite a few times during a gaming session and it is possible that you accumulate more profits from these small winning streaks than the sum of your losses. The system also takes advantage of the hot streaks while minimising losses during any of the cold streaks. 

Paroli System and Its Advantages

Every betting system comes with its set of pros and cons and this system is no different. Among the most obvious advantage of the Paroli system are its simplicity and easy implementation. Even the beginner level of players can easily understand and apply it to their favourite casino game. The other positive point of the Paroli betting system is that you can collect consistent wins even if the amount is small. The third benefit is that the chances of suffering large amounts of losses are unlikely here unless you have entered a really long losing streak. 

The only shortcoming of the Paroli system is that it does not guarantee absolute wins as sometimes an unfavourable sequence could lead to a streak of loss. If you get the sequence of outcomes right, you hit wins but in anyways the house edge continues to exist and the Paroli method does not really address the possibility of overcoming the casino’s edge. 

What Works Best for the Paroli System?

Sticking to your bankroll is the best way to play a game using the Paroli betting method. This can restrict you from getting overwhelmed upon entering a winning streak. After all, you don’t want to increase your stakes to a level where the risk of losing all that you’ve won increases. Experts say that the Paroli betting mechanism may not turn out to be favourable all the time but using it can enable you to collect some profits if lady luck is by your side. What you are hoping is a streak of three consecutive wins that can help you optimise your profits. So, not playing long sessions is the key to maximising your wins here. Now that you know everything about the Paroli system, discover, explore and play in one of the best online casinos in the UK.

Some other positive progressive betting systems include the Reverse Labouchere System, 1-3-2-6 System and the Contra D’Alembert System. 

All About the Paroli System
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Posted On : 24/06/2019

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