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What You Should Be Knowing About Gambling Maths

There is a lot being said about the casino business and casino games in general. Based on everyone’s experience of the game, they tend to create a narrative that suits their impression. While some term things on the factor of luck, others bring in mathematics and help everyone look at...Read More

Published On : 19/01/2022

Important Cricket Terms From A-D

Do you ever wonder what your friends or even what the commentators are speaking about during specific moments of a game of cricket? If yes, you need a lesson on different cricket terms that have commonly been used during a game. These terms highlight different situations during a game and...Read More

Published On : 12/01/2022

Successful Teams with the Most Number of NBA Titles

Throughout the existence of the NBA, we have seen teams battle it out for the title without giving up until the last moment. Legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and more have been looked upon as monsters who never believed that the job is finished until a title has been...Read More

Published On : 05/01/2022

The Top Longest Tennis Matches Recorded Till Date

A game of Premier League football or T20 cricket has a limited time period and you can see the game end within the awarded time. However, it’s hard to say the same about a game of tennis, which not only opens the door towards the longest tennis match in history...Read More

Published On : 28/12/2021

Horse Racing Events to look out for in 2022

The start of every year brings new hope and profound happiness in helping us look forward to another year where anything could happen. And while 2022 is expected to be bigger and better, it is worth noting that there are particular events that are bound to make it so. And...Read More

Published On : 21/12/2021

The Basics of Spread Betting – What to do and What not?

The kind of popularity that spread betting enjoys pushes forward the idea that you may or may not have heard about it. As a special type of bet that is common in the world of betting, it has certainly come a long way and has evolved over the years. So...Read More

Published On : 14/12/2021

The Greatest Rugby Teams of All Time

Rugby may not be as popular as football or cricket but the sport has a legacy and legendary players that make it worthwhile. Throughout history, rugby players have given their best to the sport that they love the most and always look towards grabbing points away from the opponent. Thanks...Read More

Published On : 07/12/2021

The All-Time Greatest British Tennis Players!

It’s been a long-standing relationship between tennis and Britain. Tennis professionals from Great Britain are among the world’s most famous and highly ranked. British tennis has been instrumental in the development of the sport as we currently know, hosting the longest Grand Slam tournament on record, Wimbledon. Tennis, as we...Read More

Published On : 28/11/2021

Differences between Day Trading, Investing and Gambling

When it comes to gambling, many individuals mistake it for day trading or even investment. According to some, stock exchanges might be a long-term weighing factory, although in the closer term, they are really a slot machine, which is the most common type of casino gaming device. In this case,...Read More

Published On : 21/11/2021

Influence of Cricket on the Betting Industry

Sports have historically had a profound impact on humanity and acted as a powerful symbol of unity. South-east Asia, the UK, Australia as well as several Middle Eastern countries love cricket. It’s a terrific sport to gamble on since it offers the best odds on a variety of elements, including...Read More

Published On : 14/11/2021