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  • How Casinos Use Facial Recognition Technology?

    Biometric authentication is a process in which certain parts of the human body like fingerprints, iris recognition etc, are recorded and taken into consideration for identification. These biological characters are unique to every individual making them useful for security purposes and access control. Biometric Authentication Through Facial Recognition Technology Facial...Read More

    Published On : 06/05/2019

  • Calculating the House Edge for Any Blackjack Game

    Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games both at the online as well as land-based casinos. Moreover, the house edge in Blackjack game is the lowest. There are a lot of players who go out there and think that counting cards can help them win at an online...Read More

    Published On : 03/05/2019

  • What Is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

    The online gambling sites make it a point to provide amazing bonuses and offers to lure the players to their sites. This is normal in this industry considering the increase in the number of online casino sites tremendously. The players may or may not win all the bonuses and offer...Read More

    Published On : 29/04/2019

  • Why Do The Numbers On A Roulette Wheel Add Up To 666?

    You may know that the Roulette wheel which is embossed with numbers can bring you good luck each time the ball lands on your chosen number, but did you know that the total of all these digits adds up to the ‘number of the beast, 666’? Yes, might sound strange...Read More

    Published On : 26/04/2019

  • Video Slots 101: How Are Slot Machines Made?

    Gambling has always been one of the most famous entertainment sources for people all around the world. It all started with the land-based casinos and gambled along with the other people. However, with the shift in technology, gambling has completely changed and people are migrating towards online gambling more than...Read More

    Published On : 22/04/2019

  • AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019

    iGaming, in simple terms, stands for online gaming or online gambling. In these games, players place bets in a variety of ways online. The most hit venues in the iGaming industry are online casinos and sports betting websites. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by the machines. Although...Read More

    Published On : 19/04/2019

  • What Makes Gambling Entertaining?

    Gambling has been in existence in one form or other since ages. From Chinese, Indians, Romans, Greeks and many other kingdoms have seen the many gambling games some of which are still in existence with and without some variations. Not much has changed in current times and you can still...Read More

    Published On : 15/04/2019

  • When Should You Surrender in Blackjack?

    Blackjack is one of the most popular table casino games which is played and enjoyed by gamblers and players from all around the world. The game has become a phenomenon and has transcended to become a game of strategy and planning. Gamblers and professionals who make a career out of...Read More

    Published On : 12/04/2019

  • Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Casinos?

    Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware that the technological advancements, heralded by the internet have brought forth a dent, of massive proportions, in business, education, healthcare, and every other sector. Casinos haven’t been left back either. While previously, punters had to walk to a...Read More

    Published On : 08/04/2019

  • The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology

    Online Gambling Industry is now growing as fast as gambling. Considering that both gambling companies and punters arguably have the same prospects of making money from the venture, it can only increase. Anyone who operates a casino knows too well that they need to be one step ahead of their...Read More

    Published On : 05/04/2019