Online Slot Games - Briefly Explained Online Slot Games - Briefly Explained

Online Slot Games – Briefly Explained

Quite simple and easy-to-understand, slots games are the most popular casino games. Be it at land-based casinos or online casinos, slots are a pretty hit. Both new and experienced players can easily pick these dynamic games and entertain themselves thoroughly. Online slot games come in various themes, which bring different features along with a different number of free spins and jackpots. Know all about this exciting game.

Online Slot Games - Briefly Explained

Back to the online Slot Games History

It was in 1895 when Charles Fey, an American car mechanic built the prototype for the first ever slot machine in his workshop at San Francisco. It was a three reels slots machine that was named Liberty Bell since it was the symbol Fey used on the reels.

After a few years, Charles Fey along with Charles Mills, a Chicago entrepreneur made some changes and introduced lively fruit symbols on Liberty Bell. This kind of slots machines with fruity symbols went on to become super hit and can still be seen in many land-based casinos.

With the advent of technology came online casinos. These online casinos too adopted slots games and made them available to players with various stunning themes. Now the players are able to access from a wide range of high-quality online slot games on their smartphones, tablets and desktops from anywhere and keep themselves entertained.

Various types of happening Online Slot games

Most of the land-based casinos had three reels slots that got adopted on online casinos too. These are known as classic online slot games.

Classic online slots machines come with three reels that can be set to spin by clicking on ‘Spin’ option in online casinos. In the land-based casinos, this is done by pulling a lever that set the reels to rotate.

The classic land-based slot machines had a single theme of fruits which showed symbols such as plums, lemons and cherries along with bold seven number, single, double or triple bar on the reels. When it comes to paylines these had single paylines which were placed in the middle of the reels.

Online slot games machines come with various themes that will leave you confused at choosing the best one since all are at par with each other. The most leading and fabulous themes right now include-

  • Mermaids Million’ slot game that comes with the theme of aquatic features,
  • ‘Dazzle Me’ slot game that has gems as its theme,
  • Treasure of Horus’ is an Egyptian theme-based slot game
  • ‘Pyramid’ slot game based on ancient Egypt theme
  • Magic Touch’ slot game with theme magic, to name a few.

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Each of the online slot games come with their own unique themes that give a vibrant effect to the whole game. From the background scene to a slot machine, reels on slot machines, paylines, sound effects, everything varies from theme to theme.

The reels on online slot games range from three to five and according to paylines vary from 20 to 100. Some slot games come with a massive paylines like ‘Pyramid’ which has a whopping 720 paylines that can be played on 5 reels slot machine.

Also, the online slot games give their players symbols like free spins, multipliers, wild, bonus, and scatter which in turn trigger various exciting promo offers and bonuses.

3D online slot games

Even more technological advancements can be seen in online slot games through 3D slots which are already introduced in the market by leading gaming software providers. These come with five reels, massive paylines, entertaining storylines, awesome visual effects and animations. Even 3D slots games offer additional bonuses, free spins, multipliers that are sure to make your gaming experience a memorable one.

Virtual Reality (VR) based Slot games

After 3D slots, the next big thing is virtual reality-based slot games. The rules remain the same as any regular slot game. To avail the VR based games, one has to use the virtual reality headset. This technology allows the player to immerse completely into the game by providing him/her a completely different graphically created environment.

Amazing Features to play online slot games

Most of the slot games played online or 3D based or VR based, they all have certain common features. These features include 3 to 5 reels, paylines, symbols of wild, bonus, multipliers, scatter and free spins.

  • Wild symbol: This is a special symbol that replaces other symbols and form winning combinations for players.
  • Scatter Symbols: These symbols help players unlock various other features like number free spins and mini-games.
  • Multipliers: These are attached to scatter symbols which multiply or boost the profits of players when they form winning combinations.
  • Free Spins: Free spins are triggered in different ways in different theme based slot games. The most common one would be to land three or scatter symbols and unlock it. Free spins, as the name suggests gives the player an additional number of spins to play the game. Sometimes, even free spins can trigger more free spins.
  • Bonus: Bonus symbol triggers bonus games. These bonus games take players to separate window where they can choose from a number of different items that unveil cash prizes for them.

Online slot games – Anywhere, Anytime

The best feature of playing online games is that you can access them whenever you want from any place. Many leading software developers have provided fantastic slot games that players can play through smartphones, tablets and desktops. But the most lucrative option these days are smartphones and tablets since most of the population owns them these days which often are connected to the internet too.

Other than easy accessibility, mobile slots come with optimum graphics and animations when coupled with high-resolution screens of these devices make the gaming experience wonderful.

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Online Slot Games – Briefly Explained
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