Online Casino Roulette Game - Random or Not? Online Casino Roulette Game - Random or Not?

Online Casino Roulette Game – Random or Not?

In the world of casino gaming, perhaps everyone has certainly heard or have played the Roulette game – a classic, a standard game that has remained as a top favourite among professional gamblers and players. The game was first introduced in the 18th century in France, which took a sudden turn with respect to its popularity. It has now become a casino game that is played and enjoyed worldwide. Roulette is a game of chances and is played by all kinds of players in casino venues all around the world. The game, because of its popularity, has been absorbed by the online casino game market as well. It uses the ‘law of independent trials’ as its principle trait to run a fair play of chances among players.

Online Casino Roulette Game - Random or Not?

Law of Independent Trials in Roulette Game – its meaning

Roulette game includes the law of independent trials as its principal law to include a game of fair play (readers should be aware that there are many other laws that govern a game of roulette). This law states that all outcomes are actually independent of one another. This essentially means that each outcome is absolutely independent of the previous outcomes. It doesn’t matter what kind of outcomes were achieved previously since the later outcomes are independent irrespective of the previous ones. This is, however, not the case that’s observed in a game of blackjack. In a regular blackjack game, every outcome has a prominent effect on the following outcomes to come.
This law reinstates the fact that roulette is a game of random chances and offers fair play to all onboard!

Online Casino Roulette Game – a game of chances?

There has been a lot many speculations with regards to the rigging of online games and that it’s no more a game of chances and just a scam. Since the land-based casinos use a physical, wheel-based table that is under the notice of all players, they usually have the opinion that such machines mostly offer a game of randomness (Unless a case of Biased Wheels comes into play which essentially means that the wheel is crooked or biased, leading to biased display of outcome for players). However, this might not be a similar case with regards to online games since the numbers are displayed randomly, but digitally. So, is there really a chance of rigging?

Random Number Generators – a solution for a game of fair chances in a Roulette Game

RNGs (as popularly abbreviated as), are software that is responsible to maintain the randomness in most online casino games, available in the market. This software generates an integer between 0 and 36 randomly and displays it to the players. Since only one number must be generated in a roulette game per spin, the complexity drastically reduces for RNGs to produce numbers randomly.

RNGs – can they be rigged in a roulette game?

Quite frankly, there is a good chance that such RNGs can be rigged, provided if the algorithm and the scope of its applicability are known. RNGs are necessarily just pieces of codes that could be edited or rewritten any time and any way.

The solution to allow randomness in online roulette games

RNGs are the best solution to produce numbers in random. However, there are lot many bodies and certified organisations that test such RNGs to check for their fair play and randomness. Such bodies accredit RNGs and also online game vendors that include such RNGs in their games that they offer in their portal websites. Players and also professionals are advised to check for such accreditation to ensure that they visit the best online casino game vendor websites that offer RNGs which ensure a game of fair and random play for all.

The online casino game market thrives on the popularity of the casino games that could be offered in a digital format. It would be quite a novice attempt if this industry would include illicit means to earn extra monetary incentives. Thus, in general, most online vendors refrain from using any rigged RNGs and players are rest assured that they can have a fair and freely random play over at such online casino game providing websites!

TheOnlineCasino™ – the best spot for enjoying roulette games

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Online Casino Roulette Game – Random or Not?
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