Difference Between Live Dealer and Online Casino Tables Difference Between Live Dealer and Online Casino Tables

Difference Between Live Dealer and Online Casino Tables

There are plenty of online games available for players including slots, Poker and table games. Some of the table games are played live with a live dealer or a croupier dealing the games for the players. Now, these two things – online casino games and live dealer games – although seem synonyms are totally different things and could be confusing for some players. In this article, you will learn on major differences between the live dealer and online casino tables.

Difference Between Live Dealer and Online Casino Tables

Live Dealer Vs Regular Online Casino Table – Basics

Any regular online casino game functions through software. Everything that happens in regular casino games from the appearance of chips or cards, gaming process, winning or losing events, are all completely based on the programmed software. There is no scope for players to have any human interaction with like dealers or handlers or other players. Even if one see something close to a dealer, it is a computer generated dealer with graphics designed just to give a feel of the casino and nothing more than that.

Live dealer casino games are set up in a real physical casino with human dealers. They get streamed through the internet on the players’ devices. The players not only have the liberty to interact with these dealers but can also chat with other players.

Live(ly) Dealer interaction Vs Graphical Casino Games

‘Interaction’ being the main feature of live dealer casino games, they obviously seem more interesting. It is more fun playing games with people (here dealers and other players) around rather than dealing with computer-generated dealers. Some online casinos also offer two dealers.

But of course, some other players do not like the company of anyone and would prefer to play alone calmly and focused. For this category of people, Regular online games which are graphically designed are more fun.

Game Controls

At a live dealer casino game, it is obvious that the game will be dealt be dealers. This means things around will be moving at the pace of dealers.
But at regular online casino tables, players can buy some time and play the game according to their convenience or even speed up and play the game faster. Another amazing thing about regular casino tables is that players get to pause the game in between and deal with other works like watch YouTube videos or go to loo and such.

Place stakes of your Choice

Some players prefer to place high stakes and win big, while others choose to take it a bit slow and go for lower level stakes.
At liver dealer online casinos, players get to bet high stakes. But a single wager needs to be at least £5 per hand. Live dealer sites often go for comparatively high stakes since their business runs on the money waged by people. Running live streams, dealers’ salaries, renting the buildings for casino set up and so on requires the money which the owners earn from players.

Players can bet lower stakes somewhere between £1 and £3 on regular casino games. Since the regular online casino games are software based the expenses are low compared to liver dealer games.

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Difference Between Live Dealer and Online Casino Tables
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