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Live Casino Technology Explained – TheOnlineCasino™

It has not been a long time since live casinos came into existence for the gambling enthusiasts out there. Live casino is one of the latest types of gambling hotspots where players get to see the action taken by the dealers live on their smartphone or PC and thus get a chance to play as they would do in a brick and mortar casino.

This casino gaming form has made it pretty much easier and even less expensive for gamblers to play their favourite table games whenever they want and from any convenient place. Whilst some online gambling fans consider online slots to be profitable, others claim that the live table games that offer people to connect with the live dealer help them earn a better RTP.


Live Casino Technology Explained – TheOnlineCasino™

Now the question is what has made the live casino games to set a benchmark in the gambling industry? Why are they gaining extreme popularity worldwide? What’s making people belonging to different corners of the world to spend maximum time playing these table games online?

Live Casino games are backed by advanced technology

One of the major factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of online casino gaming industries is indeed the technologies which not only offer high-security benefits to the gaming enthusiasts but enables them to have a seamless gaming experience. These live gambling sites utilise advanced technology software introduced by established gaming developers such as Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, PlayTech, and Amaya Gaming.

The ultramodern technology is all that enables the player to play with the real-time human dealer and partake in their favourite online table and slot games through the console in their PC. In addition to this, the live casino has come up with a live chat support system that helps you to take the assistance of an expert through live chat option if you get stuck somewhere or you have any game-based queries.

The physical move taken by the house gets translated into information utilised by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. The dealer then allows the player to take certain action, making it look like a completely authenticate system to play in. Apart from this, the outcome of the game has no more remained an automatic process, in fact, it is calculated and announced by a being only.

Regardless of having gained vast popularity and huge fame across the board, live slot games entail a high-end technology to run these games smoothly and help users gain a better experience. Needless to say, this technology doesn’t come for free; instead, the casino owner has to invest a significant amount of money to bring the online table games into life. The expenses that are incurred for operating live casino games are probably one of the main reasons why a majority of the online casino companies offer a limited number of games to the players. On the contrary, virtual games are much cheaper to organise.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology in Live Casino

Thanks to OCR technology that successfully have incorporated into the online casino world. The technology aims at recording all, from the minutest to major details and disclosing it to the players, enabling them to interpret the dealer’s moves and take specific actions. Players make their move using the console (that comes loaded into the PC screen). The OCR technology records every single action such as cards shuffling, distribution of hands, spinning of the wheel, and more, making the overall game process clear-cut and similar to the ones played at virtual casinos.

Which Live Casino Site Offers Best Gambling Options?

Which Live Casino Site Offers Best Gambling Options?When it comes to the most popular and a high-class live casino gaming company, there is no better option than TheOnlineCasino™. Not only does this casino offers you advanced technology with perfect gaming quality, display, speed, and all that jazz, but it has a large number of exciting games to offer to the gambling enthusiasts. These games include many variants of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. These can help you have your best online gambling experience that you might have ever had in land-based casinos.

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Posted On : 21/01/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell