Interesting Roulette Facts To Enthrall You! Interesting Roulette Facts To Enthrall You!

Interesting Roulette Facts To Enthrall You!

Interesting Roulette Facts To Enthrall You!

For all you Roulette enthusiasts out there, here are some interesting and lesser-known facts about Roulette: 

The invention of Roulette was an accident 

A well-known French inventor and mathematician Blaise Pascal is the mastermind behind Roulette. But the interesting fact is that he actually was trying to create something else. In 1655, he was trying to create a perpetual motion machine that can operate without an external source of energy. He couldn’t succeed in making that machine, but the process leads to the creation of one of the most popular real money games played in casinos worldwide. 

Roulette strategies 

Interesting Roulette Facts To Enthrall You!

Generally, Roulette is a game of luck. It cannot be biased or rigged. And players cannot completely depend upon strategies to win. Yet, two very famous Roulette strategies are used by numerous gamblers around the world to secure an edge. They are as follows – 

  • The first Roulette strategy is called “maximum boldness”. If you’re playing a game where the house has an edge, the safest option to choose is to place a few bets as possible and make them as large as possible. This means a minimal number of bets with high stakes and a lot of money risked on the same bets. Thereby improving the chances of doubling your money. 
  • Another Roulette strategy is known as “minimum boldness”. This implies that if you have an edge, you should place small bets and sum up multiple small wins over time. You can increase the number of bets to the maximum, or as many allowed at the table and divide your balance between those bets. This formula reduces the risk of losing all money to a great extent. Moreover, this is the way card counters in Blackjack and professional Poker players manage their bankrolls.

Roulette is called the devil’s game

The European and American Roulette wheels have 37 and 38 numbers, respectively. But those two additional numbers are just zeroing. The other set of natural numbers from 1 to 36 – add up and form a total of 666, which is considered as the mark of the devil in the Bible. That is why Roulette is also known as the “Devil’s wheel” or the “Devil’s Game”. 

The Bond number

The character of James Bond, 007, was an avid Roulette player, as suggested in the books and novels. And his favourite number of betting on was 17. Bond was so much into a Roulette that he has his own betting system which is known as the ‘two dozen’. 

Zero didn’t exist on the wheel

The number zero was not a part of the Roulette wheel until the middle of the 19th century. The Roulette wheel remained unchanged for centuries. It was in its original form – same as Pascal invented. However, a couple of designers decided to add a new number so that the odds of the opposite person winning reduce. By adding a zero to the Roulette wheel, they transformed the game as it offered the dealer a great house edge.

Chances are not 50-50 in black or red bets

When players bet on whether the upcoming number will be of black or red colour, they are under the assumption that the outcome has a 50-50 chance. This is NOT TRUE.

Let’s consider the Roulette played in the US. The American version of Roulette has 38 numbers resulting in 38 outcomes. These include natural numbers from 1 to 36 and two additional figures of 0 and 00. Those zeros are outside the parameters of any of those even money bets, as they are neither black nor red, but green in colour. Moreover, they do not come under the categories even or odd. So, any even money bet loses when the ball lands on a 0 or 00.

However, a simple equation of probability can be fit to find the odds of winning. In American Roulette, there are 38 total outcomes. Suppose a player bets on the black numbers, his chance of winning that bet can be calculated in the following way – 18 favourable outcomes, which is black in this case, divided by 38 total outcomes. This results in a winning probability of 47.37%. 

The longest streak in Roulette

The longest streak of a single colour in the history of Roulette occurred in an American casino in the year 1943. That is when the colour red won the bets 32 times in a row! 

In order to succeed at this amazing game, you need to have a sound Roulette strategy of your own instead of following generic advice on the internet.

Interesting Roulette Facts To Enthrall You!
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