The History Of Online Casino In The UK The History Of Online Casino In The UK

The History Of Online Casino In The UK

Casino gaming has seen its golden age in the 20th century. Probably something that has been enjoyed by millions around the world, casino gaming has been the hotspot for people to try and test their luck in order to avail some good returns for their invested money. Gradually over time, casino games didn’t get restricted to just being a source for placing bets for bettors as well as gamblers. It soon metamorphosed into a recreational event as well – something that could be enjoyed by the masses, without having to spend a ransom on placing bets. And with the inherent rise in the development and introduction of new technology, online casino gaming in London led to a huge online frenzy that impacted the industry as well.

The History Of Online Casino In The UK

The firsts of online casino gaming in the UK:

When the entire world was catching up with the likes of the internet, the UK also got its fair share of experience as well. However, when it comes to casino gaming, the “Gaming Club” was the first online casino that was launched in the UK, back in 1994. It was introduced by the then reigning online game provider called “Microgaming”. With its popularity and growing demand, similar competing brands slowly started to rise and gave a stiff competition to Microgaming. The first of its competitor being ‘Cryptologic’, appearing in the market in 1995. This was followed by the rise of PlayTech and NetEnt, who also have now become industry leaders when it comes to software producer and developer on online games. All these providers introduced the virtual platforms for enjoying the classic casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker etc.

Gamblers get a new platform through online casino gaming:

It was evident that such a virtual platform opens up a new market potential for customers to dive into. And professional gamblers never seem to lose on the opportunity! With the rise in the popularity of virtual casino gaming, gamblers found this as a chance to bet and gamble their money in. InterCasino, launched in 1996, was the first casino that catered to the needs of gamblers in the UK as well. The software developer Wagerlogic, subsidiary of Cryptologic, introduced this online service for the first time in the UK. Internet gambling boomed and professionals and gamblers tried out their luck over odds provided on these terrains as well.

Gambling laws with respect to online casino gaming in the UK:

There has been a lot of commotion in the law bodies when it came to introducing and amending gambling laws in the UK. However, most of these laws were based on land-based casinos and not for online platforms. With the establishment of UKGC back in 2005, things in the gambling world became quite ordered, yet stringent. The UK Gambling Commission was the apex body that looked after every development in the casino gaming, sports betting and online casino gambling in both, the land-based as well as online terrains as well in the UK. The UKGC also introduces a whitelist of all the offshore and onshore casino sites and online game portals that are permitted and authorized to advertise and operate on the soils of the United Kingdom.

The online casino gaming industry has found its well-respected niche in the UK as well. There have been a lot many events that have arisen in the casino gaming industry; be it scandals, commotions, and even laundering and terrorism. However, the increasing demand and interest over such online games have surely not restricted the need to introduce, evolve and produce more games and platforms for customers, as well. Casino gaming seems to be an inevitable part of the life of the British and thus, will continue to evolve over time. There have been many debates and ongoing legislation that are trying to restrict the laws around casino gaming, but the truth is that casino gaming, be it land-based or virtual, will still splendidly thrive in the UK in the future as well.

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The History Of Online Casino In The UK
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