The History of Blackjack The History of Blackjack

The History of Blackjack

Researchers have for long been intrigued by the history of Blackjack. Even today there is no clear evidence as to when and where the game started. It can only be said that the game has developed and evolved over the years and is quite popular today amongst the players.

The History of Blackjack

Unveiling History of Blackjack  

There is one theory associated with the origins of Blackjack that is widely accepted. It is believed that the history of Blackjack evolved from a French game Vingt-et-un which when translated means twenty-one. This card game was immensely popular during the 18th century and was played during the reign of King Louis XV in the Royal Court.

French colonists brought the game to America during the 18th century where it was popularly referred to as 21. There were certain distinct differences in the rules of the modern version. An additional betting round was introduced between the cards being dealt. In a few cases, the second card of the dealer was made visible to the players in the start. Earlier, the dealers could take their own decisions regarding how to play the hand. Later, they had to follow mandatory Blackjack rules.        

History of Blackjack – Development in America

Blackjack gained massive popularity among the Americans during the 19th century. During the 1820s, house-banked and legalized games started trending in New Orleans. However, non-legalized variants remained popular in other parts of the country. The tale of Eleanor Dumont is also something that cannot be ignored. She immigrated to America from France at a very young age.

Eleanor Dumont was a skilled card dealer and made a living by opening a gambling parlour on Broad Street. No women were allowed and only rich and well-to-do men were allowed inside the parlour. She was renowned for her beauty and men from all over the country travelled to play with her. She achieved massive success in her venture. However, after the gold rush came to an end, she travelled as a dealer across the country.     

History of Blackjack – The Era of casinos

During the 20th century, the game was still referred to 21 and gained immense popularity in Nevada. This led to the legalization of gambling during 1931. Some casinos started offering special payouts for attracting more players. The exceptional payout was removed and soon the game was called ‘Blackjack’. Standardised game rules were defined by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The rules are still adhered to while playing the game.  

History of Blackjack – Card Counting

Blackjack card counters started appearing during the 1950s. This tactic was also followed earlier by a few players for eliminating the house edge. Jess Marcum was one such famous player. However, he was kicked out of several casinos for following this playing strategy. A book was published in 1957 by four players titled “Playing Blackjack to Win”. The authors in this book suggest numerous strategies for eliminating the house edge. This book was a massive success and became the basis for card counting. The casinos soon started fighting against these tactics which eradicated the house edge and their profits.

Harvey Dubner, a computer scientist in the year 1963 introduced the high-low technique of counting cards. Blackjack players could adopt new strategies with the help of computers to any changes implemented by the casinos. This was the time when casinos openly started accepting card counters. They wanted players to visit often and even started handing out basic strategy tables. This approach led to a false sense of security among the players as the house still won in the longer run.    

History of Blackjack -The Dawn of a New Era  

Blackjack became one of the most popular card games being played throughout the world over time. The boom of the internet further propelled its reach. The classic standard version of the game was offered by the first online casino. A wide variety of games with innovative features and different rules could be played online. The players could try their luck at this game from anywhere and anytime. Despite all the advantages offered, the lack of atmosphere was a major drawback.  

The demand was catered for with the introduction of real dealers and live games. Games were streamed from the land-based casino but the quality of the streaming was poor. The lacklustre experience left the players asking for more. The breakthrough happened with live gaming coming into the picture in the year 2006. Exclusive studios for live games started offering distinct advantages. Efforts to offer a realistic gaming experience have hooked players to this game even today. This is something that cannot be denied when we glimpse through the history of Blackjack today.   

The History of Blackjack
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