An All-inclusive Guide To NBA Betting Systems

An All-inclusive Guide To NBA Betting Systems


NBA betting has plenty of excitement for everyone whether you are a novice or a professional sports bettor. Betting on the NBA can be both thrilling and lucrative, with a packed schedule, lots of bets, and nail-biting action.

Here are a few fundamentals of NBA betting online and providing you with access to useful NBA betting tools. You will be ready to put your NBA bets properly at the end of this guide. First, let us see what are the types of NBA bets available:

Types of bets

Let us go over the most popular types of bets available first:

  • Standard bets

These are the most common types of bets found at any online sportsbook.

  • Total bet

A total wager is a wager on the “absolute” number of points earned by both teams in a game. While betting on totals, you are completely oblivious to who will win the game; all you care about is whether it will be a high-scoring or low-scoring affair.

  • Spread bet

Spread betting is betting on the winning margin. Either you bet a team to win by a specified margin or more, or you need a team to win or lose by a specified margin.

  • Moneyline bets

The most straightforward form of wager is a Moneyline bet. A player chooses a team that they believe will win and wagers against the Moneyline odds.

  • Parlay bets

When two or more bets are combined, it is called a parlay bet. It’s the same as betting on a game, gaining, and then putting your entire winnings and original investment into another wager.

  • In-game totals bet

The same form of derivative bet is taken to a new stage with in-game wagering, but the exact basic rules adhere. After each match, a new total and spread are created.

  • Props for the game

A game prop is a bet on real events that can occur throughout a game.

  • Props for the players

A bet on a statistic of a particular player or players is known as a player proposition.

NBA betting systems

Basketball is composed of different systems that teams use to succeed on the court. Fortunately, sports bettors have developed a few systems over the ages that have consistently produced wins. Although each match must indeed be judged on its own merits, there are many ways to make the process easier by providing a set of rules to follow before placing a wager.

Try testing out these betting “systems” to see if you can find something that works for you, whether you are looking to profit from game totals, the spread, or the Moneyline.

Choose well-rested teams


There is no denying that rest is extremely important in sports throughout a prolonged season. As stated earlier, NBA players usually take a game off here and there during the season to preserve their fitness in preparation for the playoffs.

You should take advantage of this as well. Start by looking at each team’s schedule and find out when their last match was played before determining a point spread or even a Moneyline. If you can find a match where one team has had a couple of days off and the other has played the previous night, it’s a smart idea to pick the team that has had the most rest.

Consider a counterintuitive idea that has been getting NBA bettors to benefit for years: the victory margin in the previous game, if you want to add another dimension to these bets.

Out of conference overs

Betting totals in the NBA can be difficult to estimate due to the unpredictable nature of the regular-season game flow. Knowing when players will take a night off, figuratively or literally, is crucial in determining final results, and it can be difficult to predict when these events will occur.

However, over ten years, one sharp discovered a system that has performed to the extent of nearly 64%.

While teams were playing around tournaments, he discovered that taking the over was the most effective way to gain totals bets.

Any game with a limit of 220 or less was analysed by betting on the over. Although betting on only two criteria can seem oversimplified, there is some logic as to why this works so well.

When NBA teams are familiar with each other, they tend to score lower. Intra-conference games are normally more important; the increased competition will result in a tighter game with better defence.

Even though 220 points per game may seem to be a high amount, the average points per game for an NBA team keeps rising. While NBA online sportsbooks are conscious of this, the general public has not yet caught up to the trend.

Finally, games within conferences are far more likely to end with the winning team having a bigger margin of victory. While this does not seem to favour the total in any way, consider this: teams that are losing always foul late in games in an attempt to catch up. Over the years, these foul shots have altered the results for many bettors.



Teams competing on the 2nd night of a back-to-back are obviously at a detriment, but sportsbooks are aware of this and fix spreads accordingly.

There are, however, a few additional variables to remember that may turn the tide in your favour. During 2016, the numberFire analytics team conducted a study to better understand back-to-backs and which groups of teams were most affected by the lack of rest.

  • They began by looking at teams with a season record of less than .500. They discovered that teams with a losing record lose 11% more often than teams with a winning record. For teams with a winning percentage of more than .500, the percentage was just 5%.
  • They then looked at how a home or away status impacted the game’s result. They discovered that teams competing on the road in the 2nd game of a back-to-back series lost at an 18% higher pace than normal.

Although these are excellent numbers to use when making a wager, you can take it a step further by factoring in a few more variables. In general, younger teams need less rest on the 2nd night of back-to-back games. Coaches also have a habit of giving veteran players more bench time on the 2nd night of a back-to-back.

You should conduct additional research to determine a particular set of regulations to look for. But one thing is certain: if you learn what to watch for in a matchup, back-to-back matches in the NBA can be a fantastic opportunity for sports bettors.

Total Win-Win

The odds among sportsbooks don’t usually vary too much, but when they do, bettors may take advantage of the discrepancies to make a big profit.

If you are a regular bettor, you must be aware that sportsbooks are usually correct when selecting totals. Most games are similar to the number in some way, and if it’s in the centre, you will win both bets!

Final thoughts

The NBA is among the most under-bet games in the world today, for some unknown reasons. The NBA, like the NFL, is full of great opportunities, although it gets too much activity each week.

Owing to the sheer number of games, sportsbooks are much less likely to concentrate on each one individually. It’s important to note that while no NBA betting system is ideal, these can serve as a reference to what has succeeded in the past for bettors. Collect as much information and details as possible, and come playoff time, you might find a few quick bucks.

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