A Guide to Live Dealer Games A Guide to Live Dealer Games

A Guide to Live Dealer Games

After your stint at the physical casinos and then the online casinos, technology has sent gambling lovers Live Dealer Games. Although it began about ten years ago, some of the gamers still find Live Dealer Games confusing to play with. And if one is new at this type of game, they better continue reading this article to master all about the concept and the functionality of live games.

A Guide to Live Dealer Games

Basics about Live Dealer Games

As the name suggests, Live Dealer Games are played online with the human dealers dealing the cards for the player instead of the computer and played through live videos streamed on your respective screens. This new method of casino gaming is the combination of physical casinos and online casinos.

Live Dealer Games was introduced by Evolution Gaming Company in 2006. During this time, people had pretty decent broadband internet connections, and fast enough internet speed to play this game. Many people tried this newly introduced casino game with live dealers dealing the cards for them. The gamers loved this game which was clearly evident from the profits it earned.

The players were at the liberty of choosing not only the game but also the dealer to deal the cards for them at that very table. What started with just one studio in the vicinity of Eastern Europe, was now gaining huge popularity so much so that the company began hiring more client and staff to run the show.

How are they played?

As mentioned earlier, the live dealer games are a skilful combination of physical casinos and online casinos. The game is played online from ones comfort through smartphones, tablets or desktops. Physical casino concept comes into picture when a human dealer is hired just like the one present at land-based casino. So follow the steps and know how exactly to play this game.

1. Find an online casinos dealing with the live dealer games and select one from those.
2. Create an account at this online casino and deposit the required amount.
3. Search the lobby of the casino and find the live casino section to avail the tables for the game.
4. Choose from the several tables based on the stakes level and then the dealer.
5. On the next window that opens, the player gets their table along with the dealer.
6. Now the game begins where the dealer is allowed to speak to the player but not vice-versa.
7. Now is the time when the player is asked to bet and one can do that by going to table window and clicking on integrated bet buttons.
8. Sometimes there are fewer players at the table, so one has to wait until the rest join and make their bets. After this the dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards for the players.
9. The next phase of the game is similar to the ones played at the physical casinos or the online ones. One will also be asked by the dealer to play cards when it’s their turn, in games like Blackjack.
10. Once the hand is ended, the winners are paid the amount they won which will be reflected in the balance of the player’s account.

Live Games at TheOnlineCasino™

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A Guide to Live Dealer Games
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