A Beginner's Guide to Live Dealer Casinos

A Beginner’s Guide to Live Dealer Casinos


Are you a casino enthusiast? Want to experience a different level of fun? If yes, live dealer casinos can be your best bet. No doubt, the demand for online casinos is on the rise. However, if you are looking for a human touch while enjoying innovative casino technologies, live dealer casinos are a great option.

What are Live Dealer Casinos?

Well, the live dealer casino is not much different from the online or mobile casino. The main difference is that a live casino allows you to play the games with real dealers instead of computers. 

Live dealer casino is not a completely new idea. Something of this type has been already tested back in 1998. However, at that time, the required live casino technology was not available. So, the concept couldn’t evolve. It was only in the mid-2000s that internet connectivity became quite stable and the popularity of online gambling increased. 

With the evolution of technology, casino betting systems and technologies have evolved a lot. Today, it is possible to engage in live dealer casinos and indulge in your favourite card and table games.

How do Live Dealer Casinos Work?

In the live dealer casinos, you will find a real dealer located in a private room in a land-based casino. High-tech cameras are used in order to stream casino games live. As a result, players can clearly see the dealer either dealing cards or throwing a ball in the game of roulette. Several cameras are used at different angles to ensure complete coverage. Moreover, professional sound and lighting are also leveraged.

The live dealer will be responsible for dealing cards, spinning wheels, and acknowledging bets. All the actions of the dealer will be captured through the camera. 

All the games mimic real land-based casinos. In the live dealer casinos, you will also find a live chat feature that allows you to interact with the dealer and other players. It can provide you with a traditional casino experience in the comfort of your home.

Popular Games Available at the Live Dealer Casinos


Take a look at the casino games that most of live dealer casinos offer. 

Live Blackjack

Among all the casino games, blackjack is one of the most popular live dealer games. You can find several variants of the game. The common variant that a majority of players enjoy is the sever-card blackjack.

In live blackjack, your main focus should be to beat the live dealer. For that, you need to get as close to 21 as possible without going beyond. You do not have to worry about the number of players at the table. All you need to do is leverage the best casino strategies to improve your chances of winning by beating the dealer.

Live Roulette

Roulette is another common game that you will find at live dealer casinos. It is a simple and straightforward game. All you have to do is predict the pocket number where the ball is most likely to land in. Live dealer casinos allow you to watch the dealers turn the ball and wait for the outcome. 

Live Poker

The game of poker is gaining popularity in recent times owing to television broadcasts and big competitions. For beginners, poker may seem to be quite intimidating. That is why novice players can enjoy the game at live dealer casinos. With real dealers, they can get an opportunity to learn the gameplay before trying their hands at the actual table.

Live Baccarat

Apart from blackjack, roulette, and poker, you can also engage in baccarat games at the live dealer casinos. Baccarat is one of the most exciting casino games. However, having an idea of the basics and strategies is vital to enhance your gameplay.

How to Play the Different Live Dealer Games?

The first step is to look for a reliable and genuine liver dealer casino offering a wide range of casino games. Once you find the right casino, you need to register on the platform and create an account. Then deposit funds into your casino account. Now, you are ready to play the live dealer games.

When you go to the live dealer games section, you will find a lot of options to choose from. After you select the game, you need to choose a table. Then you will also be given the option to choose the dealer for your casino game. 

Once you have joined a table, the live-action begins. The dealer will begin the game. He will either spin the wheel or deal cards, based on the type of game you are playing. The game will take place in the traditional casino fashion. At the end of each hand, the winners of the game will receive their payouts and the next round begins almost instantly. 

Benefits of Live Dealer Casinos


Are you still wondering why you must try playing casino games at live dealer casinos? If yes, you must have an idea of the following benefits.

  • Convenience

    – The live dealer casinos are open to the players 24/7. So, you can indulge in your favourite games at any time of the day. Moreover, you do not have to go anywhere. It allows you to engage in the games from the comfort of your home.

  • Real-Time Experience

    – Live dealer casinos provide you with the feeling of being at a land-based casino. It offers an immersive experience to the players and makes the games more engaging for them.

  • No Wait Times –

    – When you head to a real casino, there is a chance that you need to wait to find a spot at a table. It can be quite frustrating. However, with live dealer casino games, there is no waiting time. You can get started with the gambling session right away. 


Live dealer casinos will continue to increase in popularity and demand among players. Now that you know everything about these casinos, you can try out the live dealer games and experience the fun yourself. Leverage the best casino strategies like the casino Hold’Em strategy to enhance your overall gaming experience. 

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