How Gender Affects Playing Casino Games How Gender Affects Playing Casino Games

How Gender Affects Playing Casino Games

There are 3 kinds of Truth: Truth, Damn Truth and Statistics. For those who believe in this maxim and also have the ability to interpret statistics as wisely, it is clear that gender plays a big role in how people play casino games. Various studies have proven that men and women take a fundamentally divergent approach when it comes to the choice of casino games. As an example, more men than women tend to play games like Blackjack and Poker while more women than men tend to choose the bingo and slot sections in a UK gambling site. Another fact to remember in this anecdote is that these choices represent the probability of the gender-specific choice rather than the choice itself.

How Gender Affects Playing Casino Games

Underlying Emotion While You Play Casino Games

Digging a bit deeper into the minds of men and women can shed light on the emotions that take centre-stage while cNot Everyone Fits the Moldhoosing a casino game. Men have a tendency and associated probability to play casino games that are more action oriented and competitive in nature and games which exhibit high inherent risks. Also, clinical research has shown that gambling and risk-taking behaviour has a positive correlation to testosterone levels. Since an average man has a higher level of testosterone than an average woman, it can be inferred that men are naturally hardwired to focus on doing all that can be done to improve and maximise chances of being at the top of the game. Thus, they specifically play casino games like poker, blackjack and video poker.

On the other hand, the probabilities in the game selection for women point to their attitude to gambling as a whole. Women associate gambling to a form of escape from their daily routine and as a pastime to enjoy and socialise. That’s the complete opposite of a typical man’s thought process! If we look at the nature of the games that women tend to choose, we can safely say that games like bingo, slots and scratch cards are not about beating anyone else and coming out on top, nor do they exhibit a highly competitive environment. The essence of these games is to have fun, whether or not you win them. Women gravitate to play casino games casually and prefer to have a good time socially.

The whole exercise for casino games is also applicable to other forms of games like video games as well. Men tend to choose multiplayer online games that are highly competitive while women tend to play casino games that feel like a casual dip in the pool where you have a good time laughing and socializing.

Less Is More and More Is Less in Gambling

Gambling has historically been labelled a men-only pastime and till date, comprises more men than women. Young men enter the gambling world in hordes, with a typical man starting out in his teens. For women, this average starting age range is the mid to late twenties. On the top of their relatively lesser starting age, men play casino games with a tendency to place huge bets, but generally speaking, the late starters, the women, tend to place smaller bets than men.

The History of Gambling

Did you know that historically, the chicken was first domesticated to participate in cockfighting in ancient Egypt? This was the part where crowds would gamble and pay in the fight to death of chicken, rather than eat them. Most of the participants comprised of men.

In early history, gambling took the avatar of games of chance and poker games in pubs. Pubs in England was a complete male domain, with people participating in a variety of games like rat baiting and darts among other risk-taking avenues. Women participation was limited to racetracks and betting on the horses. This strengthened the iron hold of men over gambling and to play casino games.

Not Everyone Fits the Mold

All the analysis of statistics and its consequent probability distributions cannot overlook the fact that placing the two genders under a stereotype is not the right approach. Since the tendencies are simply a probability, and cannot apply to each man or woman. If you are a man whose idea of a gamble is to make money and play casino games like slots and bingo, there’s nothing like it. Consequently, you can find a number of female gamblers who can game the competition in blackjack and poker, coming out on top of the game. In the end, being truthful to oneself and playing to one’s liking and enjoyment is of paramount importance.

How Gender Affects Playing Casino Games
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