The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology

The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology

Online Gambling Industry is now growing as fast as gambling. Considering that both gambling companies and punters arguably have the same prospects of making money from the venture, it can only increase. Anyone who operates a casino knows too well that they need to be one step ahead of their competitors lest they lose customers and, by extension, money. It is without wonder that casinos added to online gambling to their repertoire to supplement their already popular brick and mortar casinos.

The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology

Casino operators now, more than ever, have been at the forefront of integrating new technologies into their bread and butter. The advantages are clear as day: it keeps things interesting in the industry, ensures safety and security of stakeholders, and provides gamers with the best experience when placing bets and looking for new ways to make money on their platforms.

Technological advancements have been on both fronts: software and hardware. Some innovative hardware products are hard to find immediate practical applications in day to day workings of online gambling. As such, the work is cut out for casino operators from the onset. The question is, how do they incorporate new technologies such as augmented reality which is a new technology that is increasingly becoming popular? Can augmented reality take a seat at the table that is the future of online gambling? Or is it just another invention that will take years to reach its potential fully?

Augmented Reality Casinos

As described by the name, augmented reality combines the real world and superimposed computer-generated images that give a more unobstructed view of the world. These virtual overlays have been utilised by developers to create realities that would otherwise have been difficult to represent in the real world.

The introduction of augmented reality in casinos could help introduce a wide range of features which can then improve user experience all made possible by combining the best of both worlds: software and hardware.

For instance, instead of playing online and live games as it happens currently, a virtual casino powered by AR can be created. Even more, the realism of it all can be achieved by bringing in a live dealer and a virtual simulated environment.

Augmented reality in online gambling can also be utilised to create a 360-degree surround experience which makes the experience even more interesting. It could reveal casino staff, other tables and even different elements of the game a user is indulging in.

AR Hurdles

The truth is that incorporating augmented reality into a casino is a long short. There are still some drawbacks that cannot just be overlooked. The whole experience has to be seamless and pleasant without any bleeps. Below mentioned are some of the hurdles that have to be dealt with before online gambling can fully implement AR.

Augmented reality is still a relatively new technology that is yet to be perfect on all fronts. It is only finding its way into new industries such as gaming, construction, and medicine. As history has taught us, blending technology with industries without creating a proper working model might be detrimental.

Players will need to invest in hardware some of which might be expensive. While some phones are bundled with AR kits that make it possible to use AR applications right off the bat, it may not be affordable to every customer on the gambling site. Some of the models in the market are not mainstream. Technologies such as virtual reality expect that users are equipped with headsets which are by no means cheap. This is already a big enough hurdle to jump.

The software also poses a different challenge altogether. And it cuts across the board: users need to understand how to use it effectively, and casino operators and game developers need to create platforms that match the real casino environment.

What to Expect in the Future?

Even with a crystal ball, it isn’t easy to conclusively state with authority that the future of online gambling lies in the incorporation of augmented reality into it. No one can argue with its possible prospects, but on the other hand, the technology is still in its infancy at best. And with that, the challenges, as things stand, outweigh the possible benefits that it promises to deliver.

The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology
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Post Name : The Future of Online Gambling: AR Technology

Posted On : 05/04/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell