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The Future of Slots and Gaming Apps

Most Generation Y and Millennial gamers like to have fun their own way and in their own time.  Over the years, they have become very used to games in which both success and failure are as much dependant on skill as on luck.

Very successful games featured by the top UK gambling sites like Pokemon Go and the Candy Crush series, for example, are mobile games that come with lots of skill challenges. These essentially make it necessary for players to push themselves forward at all costs and with the requisite skill set.

This begs the question of whether slot games can or will follow the same route and how they can succeed in a world of gaming that increasingly focuses on arcade-style games that makes the most optimum use of state-of-the-art technology and processes. The answer to these probing questions lies below.

Slots Are The Easiest Games In The World!

Over the past decade, as mobile phone and wireless tech boomed, while broadband speeds accelerated in afterburner mode, online slot games became much more accessible than was previously possible. As most players want instant gratification and uncomplicated gameplay rules and strategies, online slots provide this in abundance and have therefore seen its popularity expand at a dizzying pace.

Proper Knowledge Of The Audience Enables The Creation Of The Best Possible Slots

Some game developers have sought to create new games that take advantage of the incredible power of the newest mobile and PC devices. Others though persist in crafting games that are based on emerging technologies, in the belief that such technology will in the foreseeable future become mainstream.

The most successful game developers work in full accordance with the expectations of their players. This can be seen in the engaging way their rewards are designed, as well as the sterling audio and visuals their slot games are loaded with that enable them to provide world-class entertainment.

Younger Players Prefer Skill-based Games

App games like Pokemon Go totally took the planet by storm shortly after they were introduced. This was due to a clever combo of some newfangled augmented reality processes and sweet gameplay mechanics.

Before the Pokemon Go era, Minecraft was in place and was praised for enabling players to craft a world that was exactingly tailored to their liking. Yet another hugely popular game was Candy Crush. Borrowing elements from Bejewelled, this game presented an irresistible mixture of very colourful and sweetly detailed graphics, as well as possessing a “Saga” feature that tacked on some immensely sweet gameplay elements.

Traditional Slots Require The Addition Of Skill Elements In Order To Survive The Modern Age

While most slots of the modern period can be hugely immersive, wins and losses are usually out of players’ hands and based solely on luck. However, the addition of some skill elements that effectively lets player skill have some influence on the gameplay outcome will surely attract younger players. This so because such players are normally used to games in which their competence and skill level determines how well or otherwise they will perform.

However, adding a skill and strategy element to traditional slots will put off some old school players and effectively lead to an end of slots as a strictly luck-based means of entertainment.

Skill-based Games Should Tack On Chance Elements

There are quite a few ways that some chance elements can be added to skill-based games without compromising the whole gameplay experience. This can be done by perhaps adding unseen barriers to games that restrict the ability to win some prizes or occasionally hindering players from heading in the right direction.

Randomly appearing prizes or gameplay elements that require some player interaction can also serve this purpose, as do those that necessitate the making of unpalatable choices. Additionally, by making slot games that play out like popular video games, it has a better chance of appealing to new players who effectively grew up with and are used to such types of games.

The Immersive Gameplay Experience

While traditional slots will always be popular, the reality is that its popularity will wane due to the desire of the next generation for a much more immersive gameplay experience that slots are not currently prepared to offer. This calls for a merger of video games and slots that makes full use of emerging technology and fully caters to a mainstream audience. At present though, a game that mixes the right amount of both elements has not yet been crafted.

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The Future of Slots and Gaming Apps
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Posted On : 18/02/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell