Steps To Beat Roulette With Physics Steps To Beat Roulette With Physics

Steps To Beat Roulette With Physics

Players apply multiple ideas of playing Roulette in a casino. There are large varieties of mathematical formulas and betting systems involved which bring about a win for the players. While some of the ways work in a short period, others are to be applied over a stretch of a long game. And under some situations or the other, the system proves to bring positive benefits too.

Kesselgucken Roulette system, though, is one system of attacking the game which when applied correctly for a prolonged period of time can reap positive benefits for the players. It shall bring positive outcomes!

Steps To Beat Roulette With Physics

Kesselgucken means observational. The Kesselgucken Roulette system brings the observation into consideration when the players are indulging into the game. Here the need is for the players to understand what factors are contributing to the win or loss in a game. Approached by Ed Thorp and Claude Shannon (Noble Laureate), the designers of the world’s first wearable computer, it was established what factors would contribute to a ball landing on a certain socket.

There are five steps to determining the Roulette game with physics.

Release Point

It is important to notice what position croupier stands at while rolling the ball on the Roulette wheel. This is the release point. And the release point is a big factor in determining the end outcome. Here there are two significant points to note – the outer rim position where the dealer releases the ball and if the ball is always spin from the same point.

As earlier when the Clause Shannon and ED Thorp came up with the theory of Kesselgucken system the computers were allowed into the casino the use of the method was far easier. And this guaranteed an almost $33 per spin of $1 on 5 numbers. But as casinos understood the loss they had been suffering because of the computers in the casino, they were banned. This led to the rise of the theory where release point and other determining factors were made important as part of Kesselgucken Roulette system.

Speed Of The Ball In The Beginning

Kesselgucken Roulette system laid focus on the speed and velocity of the ball when it is first spun into the wheel. While with the help of a computer, it was measured through technology, here a stopwatch is used for the same. The initial angular velocity is calculated to predict the speed of the ball and its landing point.

The player needs to observe the dealer rolling the ball for a few times and calculate the time. The mean of this time is taken out. Velocity should be consistent for each individual croupier even after 100 trials. The formula for this is Velocity = 2πr/time

Law Of Gravity

When a player observes just how the ball is spun on the wheel, at what speed and at what time they are able to judge on how and when the ball will jump from the outer rim to the ball sockets to land into a number. The ball comes to the number sockets with the same velocity. It slides down the angle tracks and hits the number track where gravity plays its role.

Understanding where the gravity shall act is a big determinant of what the number shall be!

Speed Of The Wheel

The speed of the wheel is more or less consistent in every round of the game. And if the dealer speed of rolling the ball and the ball velocity is consistent too, it becomes easy for a player to predict just where the ball would land. Typically a ball is thrown in the opposite direction of the wheel spinning.

One can derive an average with the first 100 trials and they have a clear formula of how it is done!

Bouncing Co-Efficient

Bouncing coefficient captures the number of times a ball jumps on different sockets before landing on one. It is a very technical work to do which is best suited for a computer program to attribute. But given that we are doing here all in a concept, the players can observe the first 100 trials and find a mean. The average jumps make it easier for the player to estimate the bouncing co-efficient.

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Steps To Beat Roulette With Physics
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