European Classic Online Roulette European Classic Online Roulette

European Classic Online Roulette

Roulette is a classic game of the casino culture. Each one of us has seen James Bond movie where he would sit by a roulette table with interests of national security. Although we may not encounter such magnetism and wins on our tables, we can definitely experience some European Classic online roulette.

This 37 slot wheel is a live take on the game of roulette where the players can bet on the numbers. And as the wheel stops, if the balls lands on the number you bet on you take home 35X the amount. It’s the most interactive and exciting gambling opportunity for online players.

European Classic Online Roulette

How does the European Classic Online Roulette work?

Pretty much like a  game, the online game of roulette is designed with the rules of the house. Here too the wheel is spun by a dealer and the players get to bet on the numbers. Based on where the ball on the roulette wheel lands the players are able to win 35x their bet.

But what’s exciting here is that the manual process of betting has gone. There is no need to, again and again, head to the cashier and find in money and bet the same amount again while waiting for the wheel to spin. The players can set in their amounts at once and play a lot of game in a series.

Placing the bets: The rules!

The European classic online roulette works as per the standards of European roulette. The players can select from a number of bet types and set them against the number of their choice. Here there are 36 numbers and a ZERO to place bets on.

  • Straight pick: Picking a single number to bet on qualifies as a straight pick. Here the player gets 35x the bet amount if they land up with the number on the wheel.
  • Split: Split is the choice of the player to bet on two numbers together. The bet gives the players a chance to win 17:1 per bet but the chance to land up with the right prediction is doubled. Therefore the rise in the probability of you winning is high.
  • Square: Here the player can bet on three numbers together and take home 11:1 of their bet amount. Of course, the player gets tripled chance of winning.
  • Topline: This denotes the topline i.e. Zero, 1, 2 and 3 for betting. The players can bet on the Topline together and get a winning of 8:1 on their bets. Here the chances of winning are further increased.
  • Line: Players can cover up to six numbers to bet on together. They simply have to place the chips on the end of the line of the six numbers they choose. If luck favours, the player might win 5:1 their stake.
  • Dozen: The numbers on the table are divided into 3 sets of dozen numbers. The players can conveniently choose any of the dozens to win a 2:1 pay on their bets.
  • Column: Instead of betting on the rows the player gets to bet on the columnar set of numbers. Here too there are 3 columns of 12 numbers each. If the player is lucky with the numbers he might get 2:1 on their bet.

Features of European Classic Online Roulette

Players can entail a lot of features on the European Classic Online Roulette. These include:

  • Rebet & Spin which offers quick spinning of wheels to save from waiting time.
  • Statistic Window that shows the last sets of numbers that landed on the roulette wheel. This helps people strategize.

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European Classic online Roulette lets the players indulge into a quick spin of the roulette wheel and brings bright chances of winning!

European Classic Online Roulette
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