A Complete Overview of Casino House Rules A Complete Overview of Casino House Rules

A Complete Overview of Casino House Rules

Casinos offer a great chance for everyone to indulge in their favorite games and have a gala time. But in order to ensure decorum, casinos have some rules and regulations which must be followed under all circumstances. The specified casino house rules need to be properly understood and followed, to not only have a good time there but also get the best chance of winning. Here is a complete overview of house rules at a casino, which must be followed by everyone.

General rules

These are some basic rules which are in effect at most of the casinos. These rules specify the guidelines pertaining to gain entry into the casino and how to conduct oneself there. Several of these rules have legal implications as well, and should, therefore, be strictly complied with to avoid any troubles. 

A Complete Overview of Casino House Rules

Legal Age

One should be at least 21 years old to be able to access the casino floor. That is why most casinos ask for an age proof before admitting one into the casino. If one is not of the legal age, there is no way that a casino will offer him/her the entry. Minors cannot be taken into the playing area, even if they are accompanied by an adult, as per casino house rules.

No Contraband

According to casino house rules, any kind of weapon is not permitted. That is why all casinos have a policy that all the guests must be frisked and all bags must be checked before one can enter the casino.

Regulate Smoking and/or Drinking

Casino house rules do not allow guests to smoke in restaurants and hotels. So, one must follow the no-smoking signs wherever they are placed and should in fact go to the designated smoking area instead. While consumption of alcohol is allowed, overconsumption is not. Moreover, if one is found using any illegal stuff, he/she may be evicted. 

Behavioral rules

When one is inside a casino, he/she is expected to act in a dignified manner and do not create any problems for the other guests. That is why most casinos have certain behavioural rules in place, such as

No aggressive behaviour

A guest who is caught abusing, being offensive or threatening, might be removed from the place according to casino house rules. Any act that can fall into the category of unlawful activities could lead the guests to be blacklisted permanently.

No parallel commercial Activity

Casino’s items like coupons, offers, gift certificates etc. cannot be sold to a third party. Casino house rules specify that no one can endorse any product, distribute any pamphlets or any kind of literature inside the casino unless he or she has written authorisation from the owners.

No messing with someone’s belongings

Theft is strictly prohibited inside a casino. Any such activity can be the reason for the permanent ban or legal action. Visitors are not allowed to use, cash-in or take anything from the casino that does not belong to them. If a guest finds an unknown item, it should be delivered to the security department. Security department keeps the items for 2 months. If these items remain unclaimed even after 60 days, they will be disposed-off or donated.

A Complete Overview of Casino House Rules

Play rules

The basic objective behind one visiting a casino is to play his/her favorite games. Therefore, the management puts various play rules in place to ensure that everyone can have a good time while they are at the casino. Some of the essential play rules being as follows: 

Understand the payment rules

A player must know about the point and payment rules of the casino. The points that players earn are not cashable; however, they can be redeemed on property. If a player wins an amount in excess of $1,200, it is taxable. He or she needs to show a government-issued photo identification and also a document stating the tax identification number. Same government-issued photo ID is required to participate in promotions and to make credit or debit card transactions.

Playing multiple games

According to casino house rules, players can play on more than one machine at a given point in time. In case another guest wants to play on either of the machines, it is possible only with the original guest’s permission. Players are not allowed to use or cash out another guest’s machine/credits/tickets without their permission. Doing so can lead to a permanent ban for the said player.

Management rights

There are certain rules that have been specified by the management for their staff, which must be known to the guests as they can come in handy during times of need. These rules also specify the rights of the management in case of any disagreement. 

Payment mode

Management can pay winnings as a casino check.

Forfeiture of winnings

Banned or illegal guests will have to forfeit jackpots and all winnings whether they are prizes or gift certificates.  They will be subsequently removed from the property.

No responsibility for loss of belongings

Casino house rules state that no stolen, lost or abandoned items of a player will be management’s responsibility. The owner will be solely responsible for the safety of personal belongings.

Final authority

All games and plays are regulated and fully governed by casino house rules. No external body can impose any kind of rulings. Decisions made by management are final.


Management can restrict the guests from using any personal electronic device; in such scenarios using the mobile camera or recording voice or video is illegal and doing so can lead to eviction of the guests. There are certain restricted areas in casinos where taking photographs or shooting a video can lead to removal or ban from the casino.

No Internet-connected eyewear

Wearable computerized or internet-connected eyewear is prohibited on the premises. Google glasses are also prohibited from the casino

Now that you know these rules, having a great time playing different casino games is going to be much more enjoyable. Have fun!

A Complete Overview of Casino House Rules
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