How Casinos Use Facial Recognition Technology? How Casinos Use Facial Recognition Technology?

How Casinos Use Facial Recognition Technology?

Biometric authentication is a process in which certain parts of the human body like fingerprints, iris recognition etc, are recorded and taken into consideration for identification. These biological characters are unique to every individual making them useful for security purposes and access control.

How Casinos Use Facial Recognition Technology?

Biometric Authentication Through Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology is a form of biometric authentication where the human face is scanned, measured and stored in the database. Later, they use this for comparison and identification. There are various ways this technology works but most of the time they use it by comparing facial features with the database.

Facial recognition, just like other biometric identifiers, can be used for security purposes, to access anything in particular to a thing or a place. This method is very useful in these areas since it is nearly impossible to reproduce the exact copy of the human face. Hence, as opposed to the passwords or encryption through keypads which can easily be hacked by hackers, the facial recognition technology is a potent one!

How It All Began?

Facial recognition technology is software invented by Woody Bledsoe along with Charles Bisson and Helen Chan Wolf somewhere in 1960 through funding from a private agency. Since then, the software has gone through various changes at Stanford Research Institute, at a Germany University and also at the Southern Californian University.

In the late 1990s, the software was sold to various companies like airports, Deutsche Bank and such who welcomed this technologically new security system enthusiastically. Fast forward to 2006, this same technology had been revamped to such accuracy that it is now even able to differentiate twins and identify them.

Facial Recognition Technology Coupled With 3D

When 3D technology was introduced in the beginning, it was a hit concept in the digital world. Hence, the technicians thought of incorporating both the technologies – of 3D and facial recognition- together to produce an even more enhanced and robust facial recognition software.

The important changes brought about by 3D in facial recognition software was to capture the accurate face shape of individuals, the contour of the nose, eye sockets, chin and overall facial surface area. Also, with the introduction of 3D in facial recognition software, this remained unaffected by the changes brought about by lighting which was previously an issue.

Current Position of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology has become a very common concept these days. Currently, it is used in various fields like in banks, smartphone locks, airports, private properties and such. This technology can be used not only for security purposes but also helps in saving time along with ease and convenience.

Apart from these, many apps from third-party social media also use this technology.

Facial Recognition Technology in Casinos

Many casinos try to get as many customers as possible. But it might be surprising to know as to why this technology is being used in the casinos. Here is how and why:

First, the casinos do not allow underage gamblers. Hence, they use facial recognition cameras and prevent them from entering.

Secondly, through facial recognition cameras, the blacklisted customers or the completely banned gamblers can be easily identified and stopped while entering the casinos.

Thirdly, the technology helps to identify fraudsters even in the casinos’ crowd through a real-time system. This is done through CASINO-ID which takes images of the people in the casino, compares it with the database available in their system and points out accurately the fraudsters to remove them from the house.

Lastly, the technology can also be used through surveillance cameras in casinos cash room vicinity. Although the places are heavily guarded, they still need such advanced technologies to keep them secure. This is because the cash stored in the casino can go as high as $70 million during any of the weekdays while the amount can reach $100 million during weekends.

Although the Facial recognition technology has its advantages, many still think it’s an infringement of one’s privacy.

How Casinos Use Facial Recognition Technology?
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