Casino-related phrases gamblers must know

Casino-related phrases gamblers must know

Phrases are the bane of every language as well as the gambling world. There are plenty of mobile casino phrases used in the gambling industry which might be new for you if you are a beginner or inexperienced gambler. You may think the knowledge of industry-related phrases is unnecessary but you are wrong.

In order to blend into a casino peer group, you must be aware of the normal casino phrases which are related to gambling. At least you should have a basic level idea about the phrases to spice up your overall gambling experience. Or else other players will start screaming the gambling-related phrases and idioms and all you will hear is greek exhausting right? Don’t worry we got your back. 

This article is filled with popular live casino online phrases that gamblers ramble and scream around the casinos. You can look up into it and cultivate a splendid idea about it before entering a real casino by dodging all the embarrassment of being a newbie. These gambling related phrases can be also used in virtual casinos.

Let’s get started with the twenty most popular gambling-related phrases every player must be aware of.

  • Action

Action is the most common phrase used in the gambling world which refers to the play or game. You can find the usage of the phrase actions in most casino games such as blackjack, slots, and roulette. You might have heard the casino dealer say something like ‘‘ You are in action’’ which means it’s your turn to play. Always keep in mind that its very important to play with improvised online casino gaming skills.

  • Bankroll

The bankroll means nothing but the amount of money you have got for playing casino games. For gamblers who are occasional players, bankroll refers to the money they are carrying to the casino for the episodic visit. But the story is different for professional gamblers who depend on gambling for their livelihoods, for them bankroll is the sum they use for their career.

  • The House Edge

The house edge is a well-known phrase used in the gambling world which refers to the advantage the gambling venue or operator has on your overtime games. Always choose an online casino uk with a low house edge to increase your chances of winning. While playing most of the casino games such as roulette, slot games, craps etc house edge is important.

  • Bet and betting limit

A bet is a regular phrase you hear when you are inside a gambling den. Every single casino game has bets you can take. It is also known as a wager which is the sum you put on a guess about a particular game such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. Most of the games have betting limits which will put a break in your wagering amount. You can select games that have a limit on balancing your bankroll.

  • Buy-in

As a beginning step before you buckle up for a round of casino, you need to convert your cash for equivalent casino tokens or chips. The total amount you spend for purchasing the casino tokens or chips is known as buy-in. In most poker tournaments the buy-in is also known as the cost for the entry.

  • Cage

Think of you making a profit during your gambling session, if you do, you will not receive any rewards directly from the dealer, instead, you need to take all of the chips you won back to the secured area inside the casino called the cage. Which will give you the rewards in exchange for the tokens your hand over. Cage is a popular term where you can hear people screaming in casinos.

  • Card Sharp

A card sharp is nothing but a word used to mention a player who possesses excellent mastery in card-based casino games. If you are about to play a card game and you hear someone mentioning the opposite player is a card sharp it’s better to withdraw from the game because the card sharp will be winning all your money until you are out of a positive bankroll.

  • Card Washing

The phrase card washing is nothing like it sounds; it doesn’t involve scrubbing or soaping any card. Instead, it means the dealer spreading and mixing the cards face down. It was very common in card games previously and now it is performed by automated machines so the casino phrase is rarely heard.

  • Chips

Chips or tokens are the most important thing in the casino as it is the name of the gambling currency. Chips’ appearance such as colors, designs, and denominations can vary from casino to casino. But the name is very common. The chips are mainly used to play table-centered casino games.

  • Cold or Hot

The phrases cold and hot refers to the current way of the game. If a player is losing a streak it can be mentioned as running cold. And the winning movement is described as running hot.

  • Comps

When you play casino games at a land based casino don’t forget to sign up for the reward club. Reward clubs will allow you to earn points that are redeemable to achieve excellent rewards over time. You may get free drinks, buffet tickets, casino resort discounts, and sometimes cash back.

  • Croupier

Croupier is a French synonym for table dealer and is widely used in casinos across the world. By knowing such classic jargon you could earn recognition and impressions from other fellow gamblers.

  • Double or Nothing

Double or nothing is a type of bet which will magnify your bet into even means if you win the wager you will receive double the amount but instead if you lose you will end up with nothing. It’s also known as a fair square bet. There are a lot of admirers out there for this kind of betting even though it is risky.

  • Face cards

The face card refers to the card with a face print which includes jacks, kings, queens, etc. This kind of face print card is generally valued at ten.

  • High Roller

The high roller is a casino phrase that refers to the most valuable gambler who has a huge bankroll. They often receive special treatment from the casino’s side because they are very important to them. You can be a high roller one day if you start with a high bankroll and increase winnings. High rollers often play with higher stakes and they tend to risk huge chunks of money for hefty rewards.

  • Juice

Juice is the amount of commission levied by casinos from fellow players while playing certain games like sportsbook, baccarat, craps, and roulette. It is also known as a wig.

  • Toke

A toke is a tip given to dealers by players after winning a round or streak while playing games like blackjack or poker. It can be very generous sometimes according to the amount of winning.

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