Casino Hold'Em Strategy: Constituents and implications

Casino Hold’Em Strategy: Constituents and implications

Casino Hold’Em strategy is a relatively newer Casino gambling game offered by all the best online casinos in the UK. It is basically the improvised version of the traditional Texas Hold’Em Poker wherein the game is actually played against the house in lieu of other poker players. Casino Hold’Em strategy was created by Stephen Au-Yeung in the late 1990s and then it was later developed into the game that it is today by Au-Yeung.

Casino Hold’Em Guidelines

The rules involved in playing the Casino Hold’Em are facile and meek to learn while you play. The game begins with placing an ante wager by each player. Following which the dealer gives two-hole cards face down to the player and themselves and then deals three community cards face up. The Casino Hold’Em strategy comes into play at this point where each player has to decide whether to fold or call.

If the player chooses to fold, that means they give up their hole cards, and they lose the ante bet. Else if the play opts to call, that means a call bet of twice the size of the ante bet is made. After the call bet has been made, the dealer then deals two more community cards before turning over their hole cards.

Casino Hold'Em Strategy: Constituents and implications

Thereafter, any active player and the dealer gets to make the highest value poker hand using their hole cards and the community cards. Casino Hold’Em rule says that the dealer should have a pair of fours or better for their hand to qualify. If the dealer is not qualifying then the player’s ante bet is paid out as per the rules of the Ante paytable, the call bet is known as a push. Else, if the dealer is able to qualify, that results in the player losing their bot their ante and call bets.

In case the dealer qualifies, and the player beats them, the ante bet is paid out in reference to the given table, and the call bet is paid one to one.

The last possible outcome while playing Casino Hold’Em is that the dealer qualifies and ties with the player, in that case, the ante and call bets push.

A Typical Casino Hold ’em Payout Table

Royal flush100 to 1
Straight flush20 to 1
Four-of-a-kind10 to 1
Full house3 to 1
Flush2 to 1
All other1 to 1

Side Bets in Casino Hold’Em Strategy

Similar to the majority of the Casino table games, Casino Hold’Em allows placing side bets in the form of AA bonus. If the player places AA bonus side bet and they are holding a pair of aces or better after the first three community cards are dealt, they win.

A general payout table sees a pair of aces as to a straight pay 7 to 1, a flush 20 to 1, a full house 30 to 1, four-of-a-kind, a straight flush 50 to 1, 40 to 1, and a royal flush 100 to 1 though you must check the payout tables before you get into playing.

 But the live casino games strategy refuses to place side bets as it gives the casino a 6.26 per cent edge over a player, which certainly reduces your chances at winning.

Casino Hold'Em Strategy: Constituents and implications

Prime Casino Hold’Em Strategy

Though it is not easy to pin down a prime Casino Hold’Em strategy due to the nature of the game, it is possible to make use of a Casino Hold’Em strategy calculator to assist you decision making while playing live casino online.

You can try different scenarios on the calculator as you learn to play. You could also have the calculator running in a separate browser window if you are playing casino games online.

Generally, the Casino Hold’Em calculators show the Expected value(EV) for a given situation. The EV of a fold, in any event, is -1.00  because you stand a chance to lose your ante bet, whereas the EV of a raise can range from negative (i.e. you will lose on average) to positive (i.e. you’ll win on average).

You should definitely raise if the EV of a raise is better than the EV of a fold.

On average it is accepted that the player has to raise around 82 per cent of the time for them to maximise the winnings, which makes folding a good choice only 18 per cent of the time.

It is required to consider an optimal Casino Hold’Em strategy to keep the house edge to around 2-2.5%, which makes it comparatively lower as compared to the other table games.

Even though Casino Hold’Em is different as compared to the traditional Texas Hold’Em poker, you can figure out how many cards to hit or your chances of hitting them as the same case that is used in Texas Hold’Em Poker.

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