Does Card Counting Work At Online Live Blackjack Casinos? Does Card Counting Work At Online Live Blackjack Casinos?

Does Card Counting Work At Online Live Blackjack Casinos?

Blackjack is probably the most popular table games in casinos. As the rules are pretty convenient and easy for even the beginners, the casino tables lay flooded with players trying to learn the drill!

Does Card Counting Work At Online Live Blackjack Casinos?

However, with the launch of the online Blackjack, there were a lot of criticisms made for the game. Unlike the real casino experience, there the dealer happened to be computerized too which did not earn the trust of the players. As the computerization and reshuffling of cards worked against the favour of the players – it seemed like cheating could easily take place.

After a lot of acclamations, the online Blackjack casinos went through transformation bringing live dealer games. The question still remains if the card counting works in live Blackjack?

Live online dealer in live blackjack

In a surprising twist, a live dealer feature was introduced to the live blackjack game. Here instead of the computerized dealer, a real person was made available as the dealer with a deck of cards connecting with the online players via a webcam.

The live dealer sits at the table and deals the cards. The cards are scanned and displayed on the computer screen of the players and the players can then play the game like they would in a casino.

The live dealers are chosen on the basis of their skills of being a dealer and being presentable on the screen for the game to keep interesting.

Live blackjack casino –  if the card counting works!

Card counting is the most powerful weapon in live blackjack. Here the players generally are experienced with the card counting process which is as fast as keeping a count with each card they pick. Generally the cards are assigned value according to the Hi-Lo method. With each card popping up the players does a metric of +1 or -1 to arrive at their end sum.

Here the importance is also laid on the objective to not show expressions while the card counting is on. Your expression will tell what your cards are! With the live dealer feature the card counting doesn’t work with as much gravity as in the online casino. This is because other players aren’t able to look at your expressions.

However, as the dealer sees his/her card the expressions are pretty much readable. And with the actions that the dealer undertakes the players get an insight into what their cards are. Therefore the card counting does work for the dealer’s counting part.

Betting and card counting

Card counting becomes an advantage for the players in live blackjack. The players can combine their card counting strategy with the online money betting strategies to progress in the game. Instead of starting with the high-limit tables the players should go for the low-limit tables and start developing effective strategies for the online gaming experience.

With smaller bets and sound planning a player can grow their online bankroll in the game. As the players start building up their account and progressing there are relevant winnings and offers coming up to make the experience worthwhile.

Some beginner players might get bankrupt in the beginning but consistent efforts show growth and winnings in due time.

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Does Card Counting Work At Online Live Blackjack Casinos?
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Posted On : 28/12/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell