Brief Explanation About Multi-Ball Roulette Brief Explanation About Multi-Ball Roulette

Brief Explanation About Multi-Ball Roulette

There are few games as popular as roulette, or as iconic. Part of its appeal is the fact that it comes in so many variants that one doesn’t feel bored of playing it. One of the more unusual variants in existence goes by the name of Multiball Roulette. This game makes use of the European wheel and rules and therefore has a lower house edge than the American variant.

It differs significantly from other variants in the fact that rather than making use of a single ball, multiple balls are employed during gameplay. Some Multiball games have as few as two balls, but there are some that sport as many as ten balls.

Brief Explanation About Multi-Ball Roulette


Gameplay in Multiball Roulette normally requires different sorts of bets. For example, take the 10-ball wheel, with players wagering a single penny on the no 9 pocket. Effectively, the total bet is 10 pence, with 10 individual bets simultaneously taking place.

At the end of the spin, were a single ball to end up in the no 9 pockets, players receive a payout of 35:1 if they made a straight up bet. If there were a couple of balls in the no 9 pockets, both separately pay out 35:1 and so on.

In this game, the house edge is 2.70%. As earlier stated, it makes use of the European wheel with its single zero pockets and follows standard gameplay rules.

Potential Players of this game are advised to try out the game in free mode at first to see if they like it, before fully committing to it. This is necessary because the game is extremely fast-paced and not for everyone.

The stakes in this game are lower than in most other standard games. This is primarily due to the fact that players are required to make separate wagers on every ball used in the game.

Here are some more facts about this game

  • Supports Low-Risk Betting Options – all even money bets found in Multiball Roulette are of ultra-low risk. Conversely, all Straight Up Bets pay the highest and have the biggest risk.
    Not Currently Mobile Accessible- at present, this game is not currently accessible on mobile. This will no doubt change soon.
  • Easy To Grasp – the concept of Multiball Roulette and its gameplay mechanics might get overwhelming for newbies and even seasoned players. The game is however quite easy to understand and requires no mental gymnastics to figure out. It is essentially standard game, with pretty much the same gameplay rules that have however been tweaked to take advantage that there are multiple balls spinning around on the wheel. Were confusion to arise during gameplay, players can access a conveniently provided Help button and get presented with the whole game rules in clear and concise detail.
  • Free Play – invariably, Multiball Roulette games can be tried out for free in casinos that host such games. This mode enables players to hone their skills without being forced to splash out cash. Once they are ready, they can upgrade to playing with real money. Real money Multiball Roulette play is encouraged in quite a few casinos, with these rewarding players via comp points and the like that can be later exchanged for goodies like playing credits.

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Brief Explanation About Multi-Ball Roulette
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